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Car detailing secrets

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Car detailing secrets

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  1. Car Detailing Secrets

  2. So you want to detail your own car or truck, do you really know what you are getting yourself into with the car detailing process? Are you really ready to wax, wash, polish, clean the wheels and tires, take care of your convertible top and more? The truth is that with the best products available to you, today it is easier to do yourself than ever before.

  3. Here are some things for you to keep in mind to keep your car or truck looking sharp.

  4. As part of car detailing, is is wise to use two separate buckets when washing your car.

  5. One bucket will hold your cleaning solution and the other bucket will hold your clean water.

  6. After you have used your cleaning mitt on a section of your car, use the bucket of clean water to rinse it and then run it dry before you put in back into your cleaning solution bucket.

  7. If you use just one bucket, you are simply moving dirt off your car, into your cleaning solution bucket and then back onto the surface of your car.

  8. Car detailing pros uses non-acid based tire cleaners.

  9. If you use an acid based cleaner on your wheels, they can oxidize and pit and this type of cleaner can also cause wheels painted with clear or color coatings to be damaged.

  10. Use a degreaser on your wheels and be sure to clean your wheels and tires before you clean your car body to protect the paint on your vehicle.

  11. What Car Detailing Polisher To Choose

  12. Consider using a dual action polisher.

  13. Help to make your paint shine and your vehicle look newer, you are going to want to polish the surface of the paint.

  14. You could buy a orbital polisher and a direct drive polisher, but why not get a blend of those two tools in one with a dual action polisher.

  15. This tool also does not have "forced rotation" which keeps the polisher from moving on its own during use.

  16. The use of wax will help to protect your paint.

  17. When you buy your new car it comes with it own car detailing, specifically a clear coat that it received at the factory in order to protect the paint.

  18. Over time this clear coat protection will wear off, leaving the paint to fend for itself.

  19. This is why you will want to use wax to step in to help protect your paint.

  20. The wax will help to fend off small scratches and absorb stains, but it will wear off in a few months and that is why you need to periodically replace it will a new coat.

  21. Waxing every season is a good way to stay ahead of the game and a way to remind yourself that it is time for another application.

  22. If you have not given your new car or truck a name, spending time with it detailing it will probably give you the inspiration to give it a moniker.

  23. This time spent on car detailing will also help to make the investment that you made in "Betsy or Ralph" last longer and go further.

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