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Car Detailing Tips

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Car Detailing Tips

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  1. Everyone likes a clean looking car, especially on the exterior since that is what most people see.

  2. Some people will also pay quite a pretty penny to have their vehicle professionally detailed.

  3. Having a vehicle professionally detailed can be very expensive.

  4. The expense of detailing an automobile increases if the vehicle in question is an SUV or large truck.

  5. However, some drivers are college students like myself, and really can’t afford to fork over a couple hundred dollars or more to have our vehicle professionally detailed.

  6. With that said I still want a clean looking vehicle, and so I’m willing to detail my vehicle myself to save the money.

  7. However, I never want to accidentally damage my vehicle while detailing it.

  8. With that said, here are some tips that I follow to make sure that I detail my car as well as a professional vehicle detailer would without having to hand over a bunch of cash.

  9. The first tip in detailing your vehicle is to start with compressed air.

  10. Drivers can use compressed air to blow dirt from the nooks and crannies of their vehicle onto the carpet which can be easily vacuumed up.

  11. After vacuuming up any dirt or debris that may have been released drivers should take a stiff scrub brush to their vehicle’s carpets.

  12. This loosens up any remaining dirt that can then be easily vacuumed up.

  13. Another tip that can be accomplished with compressed air is to blow out any dirt from the heating and air-conditioning ductwork.

  14. This will help in keeping your vehicle smelling as if it was brand new.

  15. One tip for DIY detailing is to use a non-acid based tire cleaner.

  16. The reason for this is that acid-based cleaners should really only be used by professionals since the cleaners can cause bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit.

  17. Another tip for exterior vehicle cleaning is a hand wash.

  18. The reason for this is that it allows the driver of the vehicle to familiarize themselves with their vehicle and also inspect the car’s surfaces.

  19. However, drivers need to avoid using dishwashing detergent to clean their vehicle.

  20. While this does clean the automobile it also removes any protective coating.

  21. Instead, drivers should use a car wash solution as it will preserve the vehicle’s appearance.

  22. The final tip in car detailing is to pay attention to the details.

  23. The reason for this is that detailing your vehicle is just like any other job.

  24. You only complete the job correctly if you pay attention to the details.

  25. With these tips drivers can be a little more certain in their ability to detail their car.

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