avail suitable electrical mats for use n.
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Give Maximum Safety To The Workers PowerPoint Presentation
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Give Maximum Safety To The Workers

Give Maximum Safety To The Workers

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Give Maximum Safety To The Workers

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  1. Avail Suitable Electrical Mats For Use

  2. Understand The Basics Of Electrical Mats For the electrical current and heat, electrical insulation matsare the best options. These mats are used in the protection and prevention of the workers in the electrical distribution rooms, powerhouses, and generator rooms. When the workers are working in the high and low voltage electrical equipment, then these electrical mats are very suitable. Where workers need to work near the fuse box, control panels and heavy machinery, then users need to place the mats in the close vicinity to the machines.

  3. Specifications • There are some of the specifications of the electrical mats, which are denoted below: • Product Name: Electrical Insulating Mats • Product Material: Natural Rubber • Product Size: 150 x 75 cms, 100x 66 cms, Thickness 7mm • Quality: Export quality • Color: Black • Application: When working around the high voltage equipment, shock proof mats are used in various places. • Areas Of Application: Control Panel, Fuse Box, Switch Board Panel • Advantage: For one minute the mats can withstand, 35 Vms and breakdown strength of – 500 KVMS.

  4. Overview For the doors and entrances and near the panels, one can use the insulation mats for electrical purpose. For the industrial purposes, these mats are very useful. There is facility of in house testing, as the mats are tested up to 50, 000 volts. There will be complete security and safety of the mats, as each mat is tested and certified by the manufacturers. There is clear marking of the standard of mats. There are many websites, but users need to choose the best ones, so that users can get the best mats.

  5. Best Mats For Use The insulating matsare the best mats to use, when it comes to electrical safety. These mats are manufactured, as per standard.

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