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Brochure Designer

Brochure Designer

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Brochure Designer

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  1. LOGO: Soul of Brand

  2. Logo’s of Brands

  3. What is a Logo A Logo is a design or image or picture or name by which a brand is recognized. A logo is the identity of the company or organization. Logo is visual watermark to the identity of a company’s product. A Logo is used on letterheads, packaging's, broachers as well as on the product itself.

  4. Features of a Logo • Features of a Logo can be described as: • A logo must be describable. • It is easily memorable. • It should be simple and immediate impeccable. • A logo should look equal good on any device and on any kind of print material. • A logo should be relevant to your practice. • A logo should be impactful.

  5. Process of Logo Design • Design Information: The first step of logo design is to get the information about the Logo from the client. The Information like as- • Target Information • Massage Objective • Existing Design Information if any • Research: After getting the Logo Design information the next step is to conduct the research about the organization and also to find out the new trends in the market.

  6. Cont… • To Build the Logo Design Concept: Here, You build a Logo Design Concept on the basis of your research and information. It will work as a base for you Final Logo Design. Here, you need to make sure that your logo concept must match with your Design Information. • Feedback and Review: Now, there is need to share it with your partner, colleagues and with other designers. And ready to get the feedback and review about your concept design.

  7. Contd… • Final Design and Presentation: Now, it’s time to finalize your Design and to give final presentation to your client. Here you need to explain each and everything to the customers.

  8. Thank You