how petrochemicals are used today n.
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chemical flow chart

chemical flow chart

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chemical flow chart

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  1. How petrochemicals are used today ENERGY SOURCE NUCLEAR CRUDE OIL BIOFUELS & RENEWABLES NATURAL GAS COAL DISTILLATION PROCESSING NGLs/Condensate REFORMING / ISOMERIZATION CATALYTIC / HYDROCRACKING THERMAL CRACKING / COKING REFINING & PROCESSING Asphalt Wax Methane Propane Coke Butane Gasoline Jet / Kerosene Diesel Gasoil / VGO Fuel oil Lubricants Sulphur Naphtha Refinery Gases Methane PDH FCC STEAM CRACKING CATALYTIC REFORMING STEAM CRACKING Methane Ethane Propane/LPG Butane STEAM CRACKING STEAM CRACKING STEAM CRACKING STEAM CRACKING GASIFICATION PRODUCTS CRACKER Pygas/ Reformate Ethylene Propylene C4 stream OLEFINS Polyethylenes (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE) AROMATICS Methanol Ethylene oxide Acrylonitrile Propylene oxide Butadiene Polypropylene Benzene Toluene Mixed xylenes INTERMEDIATES / CHEMICALS / POLYMERS ABS plastics SAN plastics (Mono) Propylene glycol Propylene glycol (di-, tri-, ...) (Mono) ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol ethers Ethylene glycol (di-, tri-) Propylene glycol ethers Ethanolamines Polyols BR SBR SBL NBR Acrylic fibres Ethylbenzene Synthetic rubber Propylene glycol ether acetates Methyl methacrylate (MMA) MEA TEA Ethylene glycol ethers acetates Toluene di-isocyanate Polyester resins Metaxylene Solvents Orthoxylene Paraxylene Polyurethane Polyesters Styrene DEA SBR Styrene Solvents Unsaturated polyester Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) Solvents Phthalic anhydride butadiene rubber Polyurethane Isobutylene DMT PTA Polystyrene plastics ABS/SAN Plasticisers Polyesters Acetic acid Flexible PVC MTBE (Fuel ether) Polyisobutylene Aniline MDI Ethylene dichloride Vinyl acetate monomer Cumene Butyl rubbers Ethyl alcohol Ethylbenzene ETBE Formaldehyde Acrylic acid Butyraldehyde Isopropanol Cumene Maleic anhydride Acetone Phenol Vinyl chloride monomer PBT BDO UPR Styrene Polyurethane Resins Isopropyl acetate MMA Phenolic resins 2-Ethyl- hexanol Polyacrylate Phenol Acetone n-Butanol Isobutanol Acrylic acid n-Butenes Cyclohexane PVC PMMA Bisphenol A Acetone Isobutyl acetate Acrylic esters Superabsorbents Plasticisers n-Butylacetate Olefins Adipic acid Caprolactam Epoxy resin Polycarbonate Solvents Nylons Solvents Solvents MTBE (Fuel ether) Alkylbenzene Surfactants Paints and coatings Liquid packaging Soft Sports equipment Marine industry Sports equipment Food Window profiles Paints and coatings Film and sheets Inks Automotive PET bottles Optical media Fuel Pharmaceuticals Automotive Textiles furnishings packaging Electric & electronic appliances Disposable nappies (diapers) Thermal insulation APPLICATIONS Pipes Textiles Wood products Electrical & electronics Agro- chemicals Furniture Detergents Engine parts Construction Tyres Paper Wire and cables Adhesives This is not intended to be a fully comprehensive picture of all possible product flows in the industry. The products shown represent the data in the ICIS Supply and Demand Database at the time of printing, though data is not available for every product at the time of printing. Glazing Antifreeze Food Computers Cosmetics packaging © Copyright 2015 ICIS. ICIS is a division of Reed Business Information -, part of RELX Group - ICIS accepts no liability for commercial decisions based on the content of this flowchart.

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