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How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories

How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories

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How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories

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  2. How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories The Art Print A Modern Piece of Art

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  6. How to Give Life to Old Clothing Accessories • Women love to shop at the beginning of every season. This time of the year is the perfect excuse to shop for new clothes and accessories, but this is not a practical thing to do especially nowadays when everyone is trying to save money. • Modern women will surely love the idea of giving new life to their old accessories to make totally different outfits every day. • What you need to do is to think out of the box to come up with new and better ideas to accessorize your clothing. Old accessories are little items that are usually overlooked by women, but these little accessories can give a new style, design and look to your clothing and other stuff.

  7. Creative earrings- if you have lots of old little earrings, then you should not let these things sit inside your jewelry box because you can use it for different purposes. • These earrings are not only used for your ears to look pretty. These little things can provide glamor to your jackets, shoes and other stuffs. • Many will think that you have bought new clothing. Your creativity can also be turned as your future career. 

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  9. Colorful scarf- if you like buying scarf or you have a huge collection of scarf and you are finding it very hard to think of ways on how to use it, why not think of it differently. • Instead of just hanging the scarf on your neck, you can make use of it as a belt. • You can give a new look to your outfit everyday if you will use different colors of scarf everyday as your belt. You can also layer your clothing using a scarf. • All you need to do is to tie it in front of your blouse or sleeveless for it to look like a tube top. It can become inner clothes for dresses with low cut if you do not want to get the attention of people on your breast.  

  10. Old charmed bracelets- charmed bracelet is made of beautiful and colorful beads that can be used as unique clothing accessory. • You can use these charms on your simple blouses to give a new design and style. You can sew it on your blouse to make It look stunning and gorgeous. • It is not too late to give life to your old accessories and clothing. If you love buying accessories before and you suddenly stop because of financial difficulty, then there are things that you can do in order to give new style and trend to your wardrobe. • You can save huge amount of money if you will use these old accessories creatively. 

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