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What’s New on Drupal 8 for End-Users & Clients

At Drupal Geeks, we're all Drupal, all the time. Our team of passionate Drupal consultants are here to show you how your Drupal dreams can come true. Drupal web development is our passion and is where our geeks really shine. Drupal development; we do it better than anyone else, and we’ll prove it.

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What’s New on Drupal 8 for End-Users & Clients

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  1. Something for Everyone to Love

  2. Hello! I am Mahesh Nattanmai Regional Director - Drupal Geeks You can find me at: @njmahesh

  3. What is Drupal 8? Drupal 8 is the latest release on the Drupal journey, and one that is substantially more powerful than previous versions. Drupal 8 provides new ways to tailor and deploy content that looks great on any device. However you work with Drupal, there is something in Drupal 8 for you to love.

  4. More than 2,200 people have contributed to Drupal 8 so far!

  5. What’s New on Drupal 8 for end-users & clients

  6. Authoring improvement: WYSIWYG in Core

  7. Authoring experience

  8. Authoring improvement: In-place editing

  9. Authoring improvement: In-place editing

  10. Authoring improvement: New content creation page

  11. Authoring improvement: Preview on the frontend

  12. It’s mobile-first

  13. Responsive themes, images, breakpoints

  14. Mobile-friendly administration

  15. Improved accessibility Represent this with a video. Maybe from Dries’ Prague slides? :) AB: Submitted to the DA via their webform, since unfortunately it has to be on YouTube in order to reference from here. Bleh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipOc1km2uEc

  16. Mobile-first “overlay”

  17. Improved Data Modeling Tools: New field types like Entity Reference

  18. Improved Data Modeling Tools: New field types Date/Datetime …plus, Link, Phone, Email, Comments!

  19. Restyled administration interface

  20. Multilingual improvements in Drupal 8

  21. HTML5 Form Elements

  22. Killed support for IE 6 & 7 (and most of 8)

  23. Configuration management dev stage production

  24. Where do we need help? • Finding and fixing bugs • Performance • Migration path • Port contributed projects • DOCUMENTATION! • EXAMPLES! • TOOLS! • TESTING, TESTING, TESTING! https://drupal.org/contribute

  25. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: @njmahesh mahesh.nattanmai@ameexusa.com Visit website at, http://www.drupalgeeks.com/

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