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CD Replication

CD Replication

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CD Replication

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  1. EasyDisc, Inc.

  2. Some Important Tips to Choose A CD Replication or CD Duplication Service Either of the two processes - CD Replication or CD duplication, can be used to achieve the multiple copies of the original Compaq disc. The important things that you should consider while choosing the CD Duplication Service are “time” and “cost” which require for the CD replication or CD duplication.

  3. Generally, a business that launching its products or service requires a deep thought and planning before marketing. There are many types of marketing channels such as Internet, Press Conference, television, distributing brochures, pamphlet, CDs and DVDs. When the marketing channel is through the distribution of CDs and DVDs, you would require a large number of copies of CDS, which can be used for promoting a service or a product. Therefore, to fulfill the demand of multiple copies of the original CD either CD replication or CD duplication process is used. However, before you approach to one of these, you must understand the differences between these CDcoping processes. A major difference between these processes is that they require different amount of time and thequantity of copied CDs or DVDs are also different. In CD Duplication process, the data is burned onto a recordable CD surface and in this way; multiple copies of CDS are made in a less time. The Process require less cost, however the quality of the Duplicate CDs are inferior to CD replication. On the other hand, CD replication process involves a glass master copy to stamp data onto the CDs or DVDs. The process provides the high quality end-result products, which has the quality of almost similar to the original CD. However, CD replication process is little expensive the CD duplication process. It also require more time than the CD duplication process, however the result is far better. Therefore, if you are planning to choose a CD Replication or CD Duplication service provider then you must keep these processes in mind while choosing the service that suits your needs.

  4. In order to hire a CD replication and duplication service provider, make a list of leading vendors, which are available online or locally. By visiting to their websites and reading their reviews, you can find out whether the company can fulfill your demand. Make sure that the website is user friendly and have the proper instructions to help the customer to order easily. Make sure that you clarify all delivery & payment queries such as the project completion time and shipping time.

  5. Contact Information 14140 Live Oak Ave Suite B Baldwin Park, CA 91706 United States Phone: 1-888-608-3310 Fax: 626-214-7828 Website: