what do successful people have in common n.
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Custom software development company

Custom software development company

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Custom software development company

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  1. What do Successful people have in common ? They never Give up ! Different people will provide different answers to this question. Some will refer to the great wealth of billionaires, whereas others will point out the contribution of religious reformers such as the Buddha, to moral upliftment. We, Eclipse Technoconsulting Global (P) Ltd, a software development company in India, have identified 13 common points. Check the next slides to know.

  2. 1. Dedication And A Love Of Work The very best among them also state that work and life are the one and same for successful people. We tend to devote our fullest attention towards all that we love. In every sphere of life-professional, personal, romantic or hobby-based-success can be achieved only through dedication and passion.

  3. 2. A Willingness To Learn True learning cannot be confined to the pages of a book. Einstein aptly said “Once you stop learning, you start dying”. Every incident in life teaches us a lesson, if we are willing to look for it. Successful people do imbibe these lessons, leading to continual and holistic improvement.

  4. 3. Accepting Of Failure

  5. 4. Ambition And Goal-Setting Self-Belief You don’t always have to aim for mountains of wealth; you might just want to become one of the best in the world at your hobby. However, life goals of some sort or the other Do need to be set. An aimless person can never achieve success.

  6. 5. Avoiding Over Confidence Confidence always needs to be present in exactly the right amount. Too little of it causes demotivation and too much of it results in careless mistakes. Overconfident people will also find it hard to get along with others. The best way of avoiding such pitfalls is to know one’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards enhance positive qualities while pruning the negatives.

  7. 6. Preparedness And Attention To Detail Having a goal is not enough; people need to go about it in the right way. In the process of achieving aims, the smallest details will need to be incorporated. A startup with an excellent concept also needs to use good financing in order to succeed. The best plans are holistic and comprehensive ones.

  8. 7. Innovative Thinking

  9. 8. Moral Courage Innovative thinkers often become the subject of ridicule and intimidation upon unveiling their solutions. Galileo Galilei was greatly persecuted by the Church for producing a heliocentric model of the Solar System. However, he showed great moral courage and resilience by refusing to give up on his views.

  10. 9. Responsible Behavior For achievers, along with a passion for work comes responsibility. The good leader never abandons responsibility and blames subordinates for his own mistakes. Genuinely successful people stick with their thoughts and ideas through thick and thin.

  11. 10. Meditation Extensive medical studies have concluded that meditation, in all its diverse forms, helps in stress relief, sharpening of cognitive skills and the development of an overall positive mindset. Above all, it creates focus and deepens insight, which are essential ingredients for every successful venture.

  12. 11. Discipline

  13. 12. Ability to handle financial stresses

  14. 13. Adjustable Working Hours Sleep must adjust itself to work hours, instead of work adjusting to sleep hours. Every person has 24 hours per day, but the truly successful are capable of working at any time, under any circumstances-even if it means a minimum(2-3 hours) amount of sleep. Through early rising, a healthy lifestyle can be ensured even with work adjustability. For further , Read More

  15. Conclusion Every motivational speaker, when asked about the key ingredients of success, will reproduce these points. It may sound like a tall order, but small positive steps can greatly change our lives for the better and usher in continuous success. Let us know your views in comments. You may contact us for any software development here