top 5 custom software development trends every business should know n.
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Custom Software Application Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
Custom Software Application Development Company

Custom Software Application Development Company

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  1. Top 5 Custom Software Development Trends Every Business Should Know

  2. The software development process has come a long way from creating a particular software to pushing the same one on clients, and several comprehensive processes to improve customer experience in all sorts of business levels. Due to increased digitalisation, the way of business has transformed also affected the custom software development. There will be a huge change in business, driven by technology and the custom software development will lead the change. Here we will discuss five custom software development trends that every business should know. Best Custom Software Development companies are also following these trends.

  3. 1.The multidimensionality of the cloud It is noticed that approximately 73% of all companies are using cloud technology. Companies are inventing themselves to the cloud in multiple ways, which includes backing up on on-site infrastructure with the use of cloud IaaS. From platform to infrastructure cloud technology has transmuted the way how the technology works. With mobility, it empowers one’s work growth along with ensuring global availability. It also gives us the benefit of easing scalability. In this digital age, in order to maximise the ROI, custom software development must use cloud-based technology. 2.AI-powered software Today in any digital platform one can notice the use of artificial intelligence everywhere.

  4. In order to enhance customer engagement along with more information about the customers, machine learning models are used in customer engagement platforms such as chatbots. As a result, the machine learning models let the chatbots to analyse customers’ details, learn from previous experiences and also offer enriching experiences. To shorten the reaction time and increase customer retention, companies are making a huge investment in AI in order to build more intelligent bots. Custom Software Development London mostly uses AI-powered software. 3.The rise of open source technology Now, most of the software are developed on open source technology such as JAVA, React, PHP, Hadoop and Angular.

  5. Giant companies like Facebook and Google have also adopted the open-source technology. Though enterprise software architectures of enterprise-level used open-source technology in very few scenarios presently most of the companies are implementing open-source technology. 4.Customer-centricity There was a time when the sales team would be bothered about the customer requirements. Nowadays, while developing a process, the custom software development team also need to be customer-centric.

  6. For a digital process, the target user’s behaviour should be implemented in order to replicate the application behaviour. For a proper solution to this, a proper feedback system has to convey the changes that need to be done to the core technical modifiers. 5.Security is the top priority Custom software development must consider secured coding standard along with creating good codes. Increasing reliance and cloud computing on web-based services have enlightened the necessity of security in order to avoid potential threats. In any business, the core data has to be protected and as with the prospering digitalisation we prefer to put all the data using the cloud.

  7. Leaking of those crucial data can be a huge threat to any business. Security aspects should be considered dully. Any small vulnerability in the designed code can be an opportunity for the cybercriminals in order to erode your business. In the era of digitalisation, it is very important to saddle Custom Software Development with the business development track. In order to give a permanent solution to this customer-centric business planning, it will enlighten the path. While implementing custom software development to your business, keep these five trends in mind.

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