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How to write a Profile Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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How to write a Profile Essay

How to write a Profile Essay

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How to write a Profile Essay

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  2. The writer of a personal profile has a little more responsibility than usual. • First of all, it is necessary not only to compose a great textual content but conduct an interview with a person. • Because the text will describe the person, interview is conducted first.

  3. The interviewer should observe the person and provide information about how the person looks, what has been achieved and how the person appears. • Additionally, the behavior of the person has to be described as well. • In order to get these details, appropriate questions are asked by the interviewer.

  4. Profile essay should be interesting to read. • In order to achieve this, the writer should look for the exciting details about the person. • One of the best ways to make the essay exciting, interviewer tries to reveal unique qualities that would be interesting.

  5. STEP 1. THE INTERVIEW • Conduct the interview with the person. • However, you need to know some things about him or her before you actually sit and talk. • Examine the background, hobbies, accomplishments and other facts that could serve as points for studying.

  6. STEP 1. THE INTERVIEW • Have your questions to the person ready before the interview. • Focus your questions the way you could extract a thesis statement for your essay.

  7. STEP 2. BEGIN WRITING YOUR ESSAY • The first paragraph of your essay should provide clear identification of the person. • Tell your readers who is that person, what he or she does, what has been accomplished and so on.

  8. STEP 2. BEGIN WRITING YOUR ESSAY • The main idea of the paper should identify a unique attribute of the person. • This attribute will serve as the “hook” that will grab the attention of readers.

  9. STEP 3. MAKE EFFECTIVE STRUCTURES • For most profile papers it is recommended to use structure which is called inverted pyramid. • It states that the paper should start with background of the person, and then continue with description, starting from the most important facts to the least important. • So the reader gets interested with primary information and continues reading, which is your goal as a writer.

  10. STEP 4. WRITE THE BODY • Define how many paragraph the body of the paper will contain. • For small length papers (200-250 words) the body could take only one paragraph. • For lengthy papers you should consider making a body with two or three paragraphs. Do not exceed the limit of three.

  11. STEP 5. MAKE A STRONG CONCLUSION • The final paragraph of your paper should be effective. • This means you have to restate your thesis statement and give your main points once again. • However, be sure to rephrase them. • It could also be a good idea to add personal thought about the person, but just one or two sentences.

  12. STEP 5. MAKE A STRONG CONCLUSION • Do not forget to check your profile essay for grammar and punctuation mistakes. • Read the text and see what could be changed. • In the end, if you feel satisfied about your work, go ahead and submit it.