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Best of Med Flight PowerPoint Presentation
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Best of Med Flight

Best of Med Flight

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Best of Med Flight

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  1. Best of Med Flight

  2. Ken Heller FlightNurse

  3. “Scene Request”Scene 21 sm.MVC

  4. Single vehicle crash.Middle-aged patient.Lone Occupant of vehicle.

  5. Landing Zone

  6. Wires Traffic Congestion Plowed field

  7. Awake & alert. Confused. C/C pain in back, R leg, & Abd

  8. Landing Zone

  9. Landing Zone

  10. Landing Zone

  11. Open R ankle injury. Open L knee injury. Back pain. Right leg pain. Abdominal pain. Denied chest pain. Denied headache. Denied arm pain. Patient

  12. Extricated. IV in R arm. Splint Immobilized C-collar Long board CID EMS requested MF due to mechanism of injury and open Fx’s. Normal BP. Tachycardia. Breathing normal. EMS

  13. Patient awake & alert. Confused. No gross head trauma. Mental status waxes and wanes. Moves all fours. Hypotension noted. Pulses all fours. Fluid bolus. Behavior suggests CHI. C/C having to urinate and lying on long board. Med Flight

  14. Airbags deployed but slid under—seatbelt? Not remember event. Must urinate. Pulses all fours. Open Fx’s both legs. ED

  15. Multiple rib Fx’s. Open R ankle Fx. Open L knee dislocation. Pelvic dislocation/Fx. Burst Fx 4th lumbar. Free air/fluid in Abd. To the OR with: Orthopedic Surgery. Vascular Surgery. Trauma Surgery Trauma

  16. Exploratory laparotomy. Splenectomy. Repair Bowel perforation Mesenteric tears Colonic tear Bradycardia with hypotension. Angiography of aorta: normal. Thoracotomy: normal cardiac function. Retroperitoneal hematoma. Developed irreversible coagulopathy. OR

  17. Remained hypotensive. On many pressors. Returned to ICU for resuscitation. Pressors and blood products withdrawn. Patient died at 1455. Autopsy refused. Outcome

  18. “Scene Request 32 sm. MVC

  19. “Patient mid-20’s. Intersecton T-bone”

  20. Unrestrained. No LOC. Injuries to both legs. C/C leg pain. GCS 15. Remembered events. Patient

  21. Prolonged extrication. Immobilized. Open and deformed right femur fracture. Left closed femur fracture. IV started. IV meds. Fentanyl. Versed. Reduced right tibia-fibula fracture and pillow splint. Left femur in Hare traction splint. EMS

  22. Maintained Immobilization. Right leg remained in pillow splint. Left femur remained in Hare traction splint. Hare traction splint readjusted for helicopter. 12-minute flight. Med Flight

  23. Right tibia-fibula fxs. Left femur. Orthopedics consult. To OR. ED

  24. R open tibia wound Irrigation Debridement IM nailing L femur fracture IM nailing OR

  25. Discharged to a SNF for PT and assistance till on own. Outcome

  26. “Scene Flight 67 sm”

  27. “Head-on motor vehicle crash Multiply victims”

  28. Head-on crash with fatalities. Patient pinned in car. Extrication prolonged. Awake & alert. C/C bilateral lower extremity pain. Patient

  29. Three victims pinned. Blast force at impact point. Debris spread out away from impact. One fatality. One transported by ambulance became second fatality. EMS