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Cultural Trivia 6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Cultural Trivia 6

Cultural Trivia 6

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Cultural Trivia 6

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  1. Cultural Trivia 6

  2. Puerto Rico is a territory of which country? The United States

  3. What grading scale do most Hispanic schools use? The numbers 1 through 10.

  4. What is Día de los muertos? A holiday to remember loved ones who have died.

  5. How many Spanish speaking countries are in South America? Nine

  6. If you enter a Spanish building and go up one flight of stairs, what floor are you on? The first floor.

  7. What are the two main ingredients in arroz con pollo? Rice and chicken

  8. What animal is a symbol of good luck in Mexico? The pig

  9. In what sea is Cuba located? Caribbean

  10. Where would you find the ancient paintings in Altamira, Spain? In caves.

  11. What is a mestizo? Person with Spanish and indian blood.

  12. When is la Noche Buena? December 24

  13. What are the main colors of the Spanish flag? Red and Gold

  14. What is zarzuela? Shellfish stew

  15. Who was Don Diego? Zorro

  16. What is another name for the game of pelota? Jai alai

  17. What is Cervantes’ most famous novel? Don Quixote de la Mancha

  18. What is a Spanish tuna? A group of musicians who dress in medieval costumes.

  19. What is a corrida? Bullfight

  20. How many days does Las Posadas last? 9

  21. When do Spanish children receive Christmas gifts? El 6 de enero. Día de los reyes magos.

  22. What was El Cid’s real name? Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

  23. What is the largest country in Central America? Nicaragua

  24. What is the most common type of oil used in Spain? Olive Oil

  25. What beverage was reserved for priests and royalty among the Aztecs? Chocolate

  26. What are nopales? Edible Cactus

  27. In which North American city is Chapultepec Park? Mexico City

  28. What style of painting is Dali famous for? Surrealism

  29. What would you buy at a carnicería? meat

  30. What is the color of a bullfighters cape? Red

  31. What is paella? Rice, fish, & chicken

  32. What spice is commonly used in hot chocolate? cinnamon

  33. Who was the only native to rule Mexico? Benito Juarez

  34. Which South American country was named for Símon Bolivar? Bolivia

  35. Who discovered the Pacific Ocean? Vasco de Balboa

  36. What hand instrument accompanies many Spanish dances? Castanets

  37. According to the Spanish saying, if you keep your mouth shut, what cannot enter? flies

  38. What is the capital of Puerto Rico? San Juan

  39. What was Goya´s profession? Artist

  40. What do you do in the public tent on the northern beaches of Spain? Change your clothes

  41. What miniature dog originated in Mexico? Chiuahua

  42. What is the capital of Peru? Lima

  43. What is the flor de nochebuena? Poinsettia

  44. In which country did the guitar originate? Spain

  45. Who was the dictator of Spain during WWII? Francisco Franco

  46. What metal is mined near Taxco? Silver

  47. In what are tomales wrapped? Corn husks/Banana leaves

  48. What countries border Mexico? United States, Guatemala, Belize

  49. In what city is the famous art museum, El Prado, located? Madrid

  50. How many miles are in a kilometer? .6