types of wood used for timber decking n.
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Types Of Wood Used For Timber Decking PowerPoint Presentation
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Types Of Wood Used For Timber Decking

Types Of Wood Used For Timber Decking

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Types Of Wood Used For Timber Decking

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  1. Types Of Wood Used For Timber Decking

  2. Timber Decking There are a number of options in terms of timber decking the selection should be done after considering a number of things. This would generally include the weather conditions, the effect of local climate and environment, pest activity in the area and so on. Keeping all these points in mind, it is said that hardwood is the most resilient and conducive and thus, the best choice for any area

  3. Treated Pine • Decking boards can be made up of pine and the top feature of this timber decking is that the pine trees have a span of over 100 years. • But there are several drawbacks and disadvantages related to pine wood and one of them is that it decays faster than usual. • The life could get significantly reduced if any kind pest like termites attacks this wood. • A very important thing related to pine wood is that this wood is recommended for furniture manufacturing, but the same is not an ideal choice for timber decking,

  4. Silvertop Ash • Silvertopash or coastal ash and this usually comes in elegant pink colour. • The wood dries really slowly and thus, it is an ideal choice for the construction industry. • This wood has a very low resistance to termites and other pests and because of this, it is not considered a great choice for timber decking.

  5. Spotted Gum • The wood is generally dark brown of in chocolate colour. • The grain varies with individual species and wavy grains are very attractive and the fact is that it is really easy to work with this kind of wood. • It has wonderful resistance to termites. • The hardness is rated average, whereas the durability is rated very high.

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