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Travel planning and tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel planning and tips

Travel planning and tips

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Travel planning and tips

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  1. Travel Planning & Tips A Guide for a traveler when planning a trip.

  2. Index • Location • Length Of Your Trip • Research Your Cost • Travels Reward Credit Card • Book Your Flight • Book Your Accommodation • Plan Your Activities • Inform Credit Card Companies That You Are Traveling • Packing • Buy Travel Insurance

  3. Location • Picking a destination is important as it gives you a definite goal. • Decide a location and accordingly start your planning.

  4. Length Of Your Trip • Decide for how long you are going for the trip. • So that you can estimate cost which you will require for your travel.

  5. Research Your Cost • After you have decided for how long you want to go, decide where you are going to have your stay. • Have a look at prices of hotelsand restaurants nearby and then you will get an estimate of money required for your trip.

  6. Travels Reward Credit Card • Use travel credit card to save your money. • You can earn bonuses to redeem points and miles for free flights and hotels by using this card.

  7. Book Your Flight • Now once you have decided where you have to go, book your flight. • Use travel credit card to book your flight. • But book the flight earlier as it is harder to get at the last moment.

  8. Book Your Accommodation • Once you have planned duration of your trip, book your accommodation. • If you book earlier, you will get the hotel or holiday home in which you want to stay. • If you book at the last moment, then you have to adjust anywhere you get.

  9. Plan Your Activities • Make a list of activities you want to enjoy. • In many tours and activities, you are to make early reservation check for according to your activities.

  10. Inform Credit Card Companies That You Are Traveling • Inform Credit Card Companies that you are traveling overseas. • So that any transaction if you make, it will not be considered as fake and your card will not be blocked.

  11. Packing • Start packing for your trip. • Carry medicine and important things you may need while traveling. • Carry a scarf with you when traveling.

  12. Buy Travel Insurance • Travel Insurance is very important than just medical protection. • Whenever your valuable things break, flight is cancelled or any family member dies and you have to come home, travel insurance helps you out from this all.

  13. Enjoy Your Trip • Enjoy your trip and have lots of fun. • By using these guidelines, I think you might be able to plan your trip in a better way. THANK YOU