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Travel Planning

Travel Planning

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Travel Planning

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  1. Travel Planning AustriaJenna Marinock2/13/09

  2. Dates Traveled: • March 30th to April 13th I am planning on traveling to Austria because spring is usually a good month with flowers blooming and such. I also wanted to go during my birthday in April.

  3. Cities visited: • Vienna- the capital and largest city in Austria - one of the nine states of Austria • Salzburg- the 4th largest city of Austria - capital of the federal state of Salzburg • Innsbruck- capital of the federal state of Tyrol in western Austria

  4. Vienna Vienna is a typical European city but unlike the other’s, it is very compact and easy to travel through. It’s buildings were influenced by Roman foundations through to Gothic, Baroque , and Historicism. People are drawn to Vienna because of its ancient roots mixed with a new flare. Vienna is a city of music, being home to composers such as Mozart and Beethoven who chose to live there for its beautiful scenery. There you can see the Alps, Carpathian Mountains, and the Danube Valley.

  5. Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth One night’s stay- about $109I plan on staying for 6 nights.I will need a total of $847

  6. Zu den dreiHusaren Traditional Viennese style dining with a new touch, they are famous for their rolling carts containing over 35 unique dishes. All the way from calves brains on a bed of spinach to apricot dumplings, there is surely something for everyone to try. Café Restaurant HalleSupposed to be a fancy, but affordable well-known restaurant, the Café Restaurant Halle changes its menu every two weeks. Old world style dining, you will find half a dozen meal-sized salads.

  7. Salzburg Salzburg, the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the setting for parts of The Sound of Music, was a good location because of the Salzach River and the Alps. It is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Salzburg is also not as crowded as other cities.

  8. Best Western Hotel StieglBrau One night’s stay- about $95.50I plan on staying for 4 nights.I will need a total of $392.50

  9. Stiftskeller St. Peter Said to be the oldest restaurant in Central Europe, it has been open since 803. It is set in St. Peter’s Monastery and serves dishes such as monastery stew and St. Peter’s fish.GasthofzumFidelenAffenThe owners use only old, traditional recipes, past down from generations, which is rare in Austria now a days. Many locals enjoy this food, so if your looking for a cultural experience, its supposed to be the place to go. They only serve Austrian meals such as roast pork.

  10. Innsbruck Surrounded by tall mountains, it’s a historic town with narrow, winding streets and tall late gothic style houses. Winter Olympics were held there twice. It has a mild climate since the mountains block the strong winds.

  11. Best Western Hotel Leipziger Hof One night’s stay- about $101.68I plan on staying for 4 nights.I will need a total of $407.62

  12. Kapeller Definitely one of the oldest restaurants in Innsbruck since it first opened in the 16th century. They serve real Austrian food such as fresh rosemary sprinkled over roast lamb. This restaurant is known for its exceptional wine also.Ottoburg RestaurantSet in the gothic towers, the building dates back to the 15th century making it not only a place to eat, but a place to appreciate history. They serve local food along with international favorites.

  13. I have traveled a total of 560 miles, from Vienna to Salzburg, then Innsbruck, and back to Vienna. I rented a car for my trip, costing a total of 2,042.77 • The total cost for my entire trip is over $5,000. • .