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Kansas Bioproduct Roadmap

Kansas Bioproduct Roadmap. An Inventory and Plan for Bioproduct Development and Commercialization. Donna Johnson Pinnacle Technology, Inc . Project Team. KCC Energy Program Funded Project. KS Department of Commerce. Kansas State University. Pinnacle Technology, Inc.

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Kansas Bioproduct Roadmap

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  1. Kansas Bioproduct Roadmap An Inventory and Plan for Bioproduct Development and Commercialization Donna Johnson Pinnacle Technology, Inc.

  2. Project Team KCC Energy Program Funded Project KS Department of Commerce Kansas State University Pinnacle Technology, Inc.

  3. Nothing New But All New… Before 1850 most products came from plant material Growing interest in biomass By 1970 oil = 70% of fuels & 95% organic chemicals By end of WWII no new industrial uses of plant matter

  4. The Biobased Economy • Based on efficient bioprocesses and sustainable, renewable bioresources • Enabled by major advances in information technology, biological sciences, chemistry, physics and engineering • Potential to stabilize economics of key resource sectors (esp. agriculture, forestry) • Potential to create jobs in rural areas • Will enhance human and environmental health • Role in improving national and economic security

  5. The Vision • How do we plan for the future and position Kansas to be part of the solution, thus bringing jobs and economic benefits to the state? • The BioBased Economy requires: • Renewable bioresources • Highly efficient bioprocesses • Broad product range

  6. BioFuels Ethanol Biodiesel Methane BioProducts Plastics Building Materials Adhesives Inks Lubricants Textiles Etc. BioProducts

  7. Snapshot in Time • Assess current bioproduct industry in Kansas • Legislative perspective on the industry • Utility perspective on the industry • Chamber & Economic Development perspective • University expertise

  8. Industry 45 Companies Responded • Ethanol • 7 existing plants • 2 under construction • 16 proposed • Biodiesel • 2 proposed • Plastic Bioproduct • 5 companies • Lubricant • 1 company

  9. Legislative Viewpoint • 10 legislators interviewed • All support bioscience and bioindustry • Certainty it would grow – hopefully in Kansas • Primary constraint seen as financial

  10. Utilities • Expect the industry to grow • Constraints are seen as technology and economic feasibility

  11. Chamber & Economic Development • Industry is in its early stages and opportunities abound • Large interest in alternative fuels • Most common concerns were resources – water and money

  12. University Expertise KSU Bioprocessing & Value Added Program extrusion, bioprocessing, fermentation Research – bioenergy economics, bioproducts (adhesives), bioconversion to fuels and chemicals, agribusiness development

  13. University Expertise PSU Kansas Polymer Research Center KTEC Center of Excellence Research – polyurethanes, polymeric materials from renewable resources, plastics

  14. University Expertise KU Energy Research Center interdisciplinary R&D studies, support for a broad range of energy studies Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis sustainable manufacturing processes, develop technologies to convert biomass to value-added products

  15. Recommendations • Kansas can be a national leader in lignocellulosic manufacturing – limit on what we can support using corn and soybeans. • State should be proactive in obtaining government grants to support R&D and large pilot facilities. • Availability studies by county of agriculture residues and types should be complete.

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