basic details regarding german social security n.
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Find your German Social Security Number here now! PowerPoint Presentation
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Find your German Social Security Number here now!

Find your German Social Security Number here now!

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Find your German Social Security Number here now!

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  1. Basic Details regarding German Social Security Number What is 'Sozialversicherung or German Social Security Number? What does it mean and what does it entail? You'll find that everyone who is employed in Germany and earns more than 450 euros has access to unemployment insurance, health insurance, and more. Whether you can claim the amount or not depends a lot on how long you've been part of German Social Security. You'll also find out what the Social Security number is and how to get it before your first day at work. We wish you a happy reading. What is 'Sozialversicherung' or 'German Social Security Number'? 'Sozialversicherung' or German Social Security Number, consists of different social security funds. If you are employed in

  2. Germany and pay the Social Security Fund, then you will usually be part of the five funds stipulated in the Social Security statutes: The health insurance fund The Long-Term Care Fund The pension insurance fund The Accident Insurance Fund The Unemployment Insurance Fund What is 'Sozialversicherungsnummer'? German Social Security Number is a unique number provided to all members of social fund insurance. In Germany, each employee receives a Social Security card with a Social Security number. Every employee in Germany has to provide this number to their employer. This preferably happens on the first day of work. Take care of your social security card that you'll probably need on many occasions. You need your German Social Security Number, if you want to get information about the amount of public pension in Germany or if you want to claim the amount of the other social security funds.

  3. How to get a social security number in Germany? Every person working in Germany has to apply for a Social Security card. On this card, a single number will be written. This number you'll have to use for the rest of your life. If you've lived in Germany before, there's a good chance you already have a German Social Security Number. If you have lost or forgotten your German Social Security number, all you have to do is fill out the Social Security application form, then you will get a letter with your German Social Security number. The same applies to people who have never worked or studied in Germany. CONTACT DETAILS Germanbrain Service 215 Grunberger Strasse, Giessen 35394, Germany CALL: +49 (1525) 7474-660 (main number) EMAIL: WEBSITE: