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SmartPros has its own in-house studios and production facilities. SmartPros PEC will be ... Our Web site is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals each month. ...

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    Professional Education Center Overview Other SmartPros Services About SmartPros Contact Us SmartPros Educational Publishing Solutions Click on the following topics for information and demonstrations FAQ: What Sets Us Apart? A Few of Our Clients V081501 1 Professional Education Center Overview 6 Reasons to Incorporate the SmartPros Professional Education Center SmartPros Professional Education Center (PEC) is a one-stop solution for delivering finance and accounting education, CPE and research over the Web. The SmartPros PEC is populated with over 400 courses in 14 major areas of finance and accounting that offer over 2,000 hours of finance and accounting education that is accredited by NASBA for CPE. We also have over 200 courses that are QAS approved. Courses are skills-based and update oriented. The SmartPros PEC comes complete with a student management system and built-in quizzing and credit tracking engine for SmartPros courses taken, as well as courses taken from other providers. The SmartPros PEC has two popular delivery modes, streaming video presentation accompanied by slides for high-bandwidth environments that support audio and it has a text only mode for low bandwidth environments that do not support audio. The SmartPros PEC setup is quick and cost-effective. It is a hosted solution, there is no software or hardware to purchase and your PEC will be online with your company logo and look-and-feel within days. SmartPros can convert your proprietary content quickly and easily. We work directly with your trainers to get your existing materials online within days. SmartPros has its own in-house studios and production facilities. SmartPros PEC will be able to export data into standard data formats, such as Excel, comma delimited text, dbf, etc by the end of the Q4 2001. So that you can manipulate the data and import it into your own LMS system. 2 Your Company Logo & Color Scheme Your Professional Education Center is customized with your companys logo and color scheme. Your brand has an immediate impact on your audience, whether you are selling content to clients or delivering training materials to employees. Next 3 Instructor Audio/Video The Streaming Video Mode mirrors the most popular form of traditional training live seminars. The narrative window delivers content as audio/video or audio only. Our audio/video streaming technologies ensure top-quality delivery over a network or standard 56k dial-up connection. Additionally, the audio/video will automatically pause at the instructors direction, so students know exactly when to review case studies, examples, spreadsheets, additional videos or any other Web-capable study materials. Next 4 PowerPoint Overview The Slide window automatically updates itself as the instructor moves through the course. This tool allows the instructor to visually illustrate key points, incorporate screen captures and emphasize other key graphics. Next 5 Course Outline The course outline is clearly presented, allowing students to easily navigate the course. Students can click on any element in this window and jump directly to that section. Traditional video requires a manual scan to locate specific content. Our indexing feature, however, gives students direct access to the specific content they want to review. This window also highlights upcoming study checks and exams. Next 6 Email Author As with any instructor-led course, students may sometimes need additional information on a specific issue. The Email Author function allows students to ask detailed questions without taking up valuable class time. This function also gives instructors the opportunity to research issues and to provide the most informed answers. Next 7 Support Files The Support Files function allows instructors to incorporate any and all support materials for a course. The instructor can pause the audio/video at any time and direct students to review case studies, illustrations, interactive spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs and additional supporting audio, video and animation files. Your courses can incorporate any Web-deliverable file. Next 8 Study Checks Unit Reviews & Randomized Final Exams The Professional Education Center allows instructors to create study checks, unit reviews and randomized final exams. Exams can be inserted into the presentation at any point, allowing the instructor to quiz actively on specific topics or materials. Study checks and unit reviews provide real-time feedback, telling students whether their answer was right or wrong, and explaining why. Final exams can feature randomized questions and require students to submit a completed test for instant grading. Instructors can also design courses without quizzing components. Next 9 FAQ: What Sets Us Apart? Key Advantages of the SmartPros Professional Education Center Content, Education Design & Industry-Specific Knowledge: Over 400 courses and 2,000 hours of finance and accounting specific content. Over 200 major clients subscribe to SmartPros content and delivery model. Our specialized content for continuing education in the finance and accounting fields is unparalleled. Our existing courses are NASBA accredited for continuing professional education (CPE). Over 200 courses are QAS approved. Streaming Video Delivery Module: Most online education companies are trying to change the way you teach and train your employees. Our specialty is a learning system designed to mirror the traditional learning environment. Its true - more than 90 percent of job-specific education and training is conducted with an instructor in front of a classroom. The trainer follows a slide show presentation and incorporates handout materials along with the lecture. Your Professional Education Center offers you the advantages of this traditional delivery model with the bonus of online interactive self-study, plus obvious benefits like 24/7 access, reduced time and travel expense and detailed student management capabilities. Turnkey Product Vs. Costly Purchase and Installation: Most online education companies want you to buy their enterprise solution. They want you to invest serious time, money and internal resources to implement and customize their products. Our Professional Education Center was designed to offer you a simple, cost-effective, turnkey solution. Our model delivers your content securely over the Web. Also, you dont need to worry about choosing a solution that becomes obsolete. You get all system and feature upgrades automatically. Just-in-Time Delivery: Not only will your branded Professional Education Center be online within days, we can also work with your trainers to get your courses online now! Your courses can be posted online within 1 week of production in our studio. Whether you have an archive of existing courses or want to produce new content, we make it fast, easy and cost-effective. A Company You Can Count on to Deliver Great Products Year after Year: SmartPros has been in business over 20 years and is uniquely entrenched in the finance and accounting industry. 10 A few of our clients We produce and deliver top-quality training content for some of the worlds most prominent companies and organizations, including: A Few of Our Clients Microsoft, IBM, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Sears, Intuit, Intel, H&R Block, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, Motorola, Kodak, Safeco, ADP, Verizon, Dell, Principal Financial Group, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, American Express, Proctor & Gamble, The Institute of Management Accountants, American Management Association, Association of Government Accountants, Finance Executives Institute 11 Other SmartPros Products & Services SmartPros Accounting Accounting Portal, CPE/Education courses, FMN Video and Online, CPA Report Video and Online, CPA Report Government Video and Online, John Wiley Virtual CPA Exam Review SmartPros Engineering Civil Engineering PE Prep Course, Online PDH Courses for Civil Engineers, Project Management courses SmartPros Safety Safe R+, BOB SmartPros Consulting Custom Internet and interactive media development SmartPros Studios Video and film production facilities, and duplication SmartPros Marketing Services Advertising campaigns, lead generation and product awareness 12 Company Overview SmartPros is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive online resources for professionals in finance and accounting. Our Web site is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals each month. We deliver professional education, news, industry-specific research tools and more. Additionally, our SmartPros Studios and SmartPros Consulting Divisions provide continuing education and training delivery platforms for more than 200 major companies and organizations. About SmartPros Visit us at www.SmartPros.com 12 Skyline Drive Hawthorne NY, 10532 Main: 914-345-2620 Fax: 914.345.2603 13
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