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  2. On Your Home Tab, look Under “Layout”. • This will let you pick how your slide will look. • Add as many slides as you want with “New Slide”. • “Delete” the ones you don’t want. • “Bullets” are often used to mark key points.

  3. The Insert tab will let you add words using a “textbox”. • You can change the font sizeand color back on the Home tab. Or you can write in WordArt. Pick the color And appearance you want on the insert tab.

  4. The Insert tab also allows you to add Tables, Pictures, Clip Art Photos, Shapes and Charts. Making a Chart Click on Insert, then Chart. Select the kind of chart you want. You then “Edit Data”. (I made a pie chart about pie.)

  5. The Design Tab lets you pick a “Theme” for your slides. • Select any of the templates above. • Return your slides to normal by clicking on one of slides with a white background. • “Background Styles” will give more template choices. • “Colors” will change the color of your Wordart.

  6. The Animations tab lets you pick effects that will be used when you move from one slide to the next. • The slide can appear after a pause, it can appear with a checkerboard design, or it can move in from the top, the bottom or the side. • You can set the “Transition Sound” if you want a comic noise when the slide comes on. (Be aware that this can get annoying or start your audience laughing). • The “Transition Speed” is used to determine how fast the new slide will enter. • “Advance Slide” determines if the presentation will run on a timer or if the slide will advance when you click the mouse. (If you are using a pre-timed presentation, this can get tricky. It can move before you are ready.)

  7. The Slide Show tab lets you start the slide show by clicking “From Beginning.” • If you intend the slide show to run on a continuous loop, Click on • “Set Up Slide Show” and select • “Loop Continuously Until Esc.”

  8. INSERTING PICTURES • Clipart is often used in PowerPoint slides. • Clipart can be found here: • Select item, download, copy and paste. You can resize the item. • You can also use pictures from the web, or scan your own. “Eiffel Tower” from clipart. Photo from the Official Site . -

  9. INSERTING VIDEO OR AUDIO • On the Insert tab, you have icons to insert “Movie” or “Sound.” • “From Clip Organizer” is an animated piece of clip art or prerecorded sound. Click on it to insert it. • “From File” would be an item you downloaded. • Any number of devices and programs can record sound and video. Feel free to explore.

  10. RECORDING A NARRATION • On the Slide Show tab, you have an icon to “Record Narration.” You would need a microphone on your computer to do this. This is not recommended, however. • VISTA is known for compatibility problems with other systems, so you might have difficulties trying to record this way. • The most recommended choice for making sound recordings is the freeware Audacity available at . Tutorials are available at the site. • It requires you to download a plug-in, so you will need to do this on a personal computer.

  11. THE END