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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation

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  1. Creating a PowerPoint Presentation A student tutorial for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 :Covering the Basics

  2. Topics Covered • Starting a New Blank PowerPoint Slideshow • Using Templates • Adding Text • Formatting Text • Adding Slides • Inserting a Text Box • Formatting Paragraphs • Saving the Presentation

  3. Step 1 Open up Microsoft PowerPoint. Step 2 Familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Office Button. Step 3 Take a look at the ribbon at the top of the document. These are the tabs your will be using while creating your slide presentation. (Home, Insert, Design, Animations, Slide Show, Review and View)

  4. Now you are ready to begin! Click on the Windows Office button. Click on New. Click on Blank Presentation. This will give your first slide, the title slide.

  5. Creating a Presentation Using a Template At times you will not want to start with a blank presentation. Microsoft has several pre-made templates to choose from. These templates will allow you to add your own information to a slide show that has already been set up. • Click the Microsoft Office Button. • Click New. • Click Installed Templates or Microsoft Office Online Templates to browse for more choices. • Click the template you choose.

  6. Adding Text To add text, click in the text box and type your title. If you have a subtitle, click in the second box, and type your text.

  7. Formatting Text Click the Home tab. Highlight the text you want to format. Click on this arrow to select a font size. You can also click on the large A to increase the font size or the small A to decrease the font size. Click on the arrow to select a font style. As you scroll down, your text will change styles. This allows you to preview what the style will look like.

  8. Additional Text Formatting Clicking this button will allow you to change the color of the selected text. This button will Bold the highlighted text. This button will change the highlighted text to all UPPERCASE, lowercase, or other types of capitalization. This button will Underline the selected text. This button willItalicizethe selected text.

  9. Adding a New Slide Now that your title slide is completes, it is time to add another slide. Click the Home tab. Click New Slide. This will give you a slide with a basic layout. Click the Layout button next to New Slide. This will provide a variety of layouts to choose from. Click on the layout you want to use.

  10. Inserting a Text Box If a text box is not already in place, you can insert a text box wherever you want to add words. • Click the Insert tab. • Click Text Box. • Draw the text box where you want it located. • Start typing your text.

  11. Working with the Content After adding your content to each slide, use the following features to format each paragraph. First, highlight the text. Click this button to change the direction of your text. Click this button to place your text at the top, middle, or bottom of a text box. Use this button to put your text into columns. Click the arrow and pull down to the number of columns you need.

  12. More Paragraph Formats This button will allow you to insert bullets in front of your text. Click the arrow. Select a bullet style.

  13. More Paragraph Formats This button will allow you to insert numbers in front of your text. Click the arrow. Select a numbering style.

  14. More Paragraph Formats Use this button for the amount of spacing between lines. Click the arrow and select the number of spaces needed. 2. 1. Select one of these buttons to align your text to the left, middle, or right. Paragraph formatting can also be done by highlighting the text and right clicking. The same formatting features found on the top ribbon can also be selected at this location.

  15. Saving Your Presentation To save your presentation follow the steps below. Be sure to save often to be sure you do not lose your work. Click the Microsoft Office Button. Click Save As. Choose the format you wish to save in. Most of the time you will choose PowerPoint Presentation. Enter a file name. Click Save. 1. 2.

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