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Library Research Skills An Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Library Research Skills An Introduction

Library Research Skills An Introduction

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Library Research Skills An Introduction

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  1. Library Research SkillsAn Introduction Part Three: Database Searching A Drexel University Libraries Tutorial Designed by:Anita ChiodoEmily Missner DevaneyAnn Keith KennedyAlison Lewis

  2. The Right Tool for the Job NEED books articles USE this tool catalog periodical indexes and databases NEED books articles This is generally true. However, a number of other resources (e-books, videos, reference books, etc.) can be found in the library catalog. Also, many indexes and databases contain citations for books, technical reports, government documents or other materials.

  3. What’s in the databases? Most provide citations Vastag, Brian. (2004) “Does video game violence sow aggression?: studies probe effects of virtual violence on children.” JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association 291, 15, 1822-24. Many have abstracts The Yale Journal of Criticism, Spring 2002 v15 i1 p59(39) The memories of "The Dead". (The Theater of Irish Cinema)(Critical Essay) Kevin Whelan. Abstract: James Joyce's short story "The Dead" can be read as a cultural history of how the Great Irish Famine affected Dublin, Ireland. Significant historical events shaping this story include cultural nationalism, battles at Boyne and Aughrim, policies of the Duke of Wellington, and provincialism. Some actually have full text articles The whole article online and ready to read.

  4. What’s in the databases? • They are searchable by • Keywords • Author • Title • Other entry points • Can cover a wide variety of topics (like Expanded Academic) or focus on one subject area or discipline (Ceramic Abstracts/World Ceramics Abstracts)

  5. How do I choose a database? Let’s go to the library website and locate these paths. • Databases by subject • Databases by title • Subject guides

  6. Click here for databases by subject or title Let’s go to the subject guides page Click here to find subject guides

  7. The subject guides are created by librarians to help you find the best research resources to use for each topic. There are guides on a variety of different topics.

  8. BEFORE you start to search 1 • Make sure your topic is focused. Can you state your main idea in one sentence or question? • See the “Getting Started on Research” tutorial if you need help with this first step: • Pull out words from your sentence that express the main ideas or key concepts you’re working with

  9. The Research Queston Dude! What if my car crashed into a moose? Key Concepts • Car • Crash • Moose

  10. BEFORE you start to search 2 • Once you have your key concepts, start to brainstorm – for each of your key concepts, try to come up with other words that • Mean the same thing OR • Mean something similar

  11. MOOSE Moose Alces alces CAR Car Automobile Vehicle Truck Group terms according to concept CRASH • Crash • Collision • Wreck • Accident

  12. BEFORE you start to search 3 Once you have brainstormed additional terms for each of your key concepts, you need to build a search strategy by linking these terms together

  13. Introducing important words OR AND Stay tuned to learn how AND and OR can change the way you search!

  14. Moose AND/OR Cars AND means both words or concepts must be present means either word or concept is present OR

  15. AND OR Moose Cars Moose AND Cars Moose Cars OR broadens your search and produces more results AND narrows your search and focuses your results

  16. MOOSE Moose Alces alces CAR Car Automobile Vehicle Truck CRASH Crash Collision Wreck Accident AND AND OR OR OR OR OR OR OR Here’s how to enter this search into a database (car OR automobile OR vehicle) AND (crash OR collision OR accident) AND moose

  17. Library Research SkillsAn Introduction This concludes Part Three: Database Searching Visit Part Four to learn about Finding Full-Text! A Drexel University Libraries Tutorial