the technological leader in eddy probe testing n.
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high accuracy Static Calibrator PowerPoint Presentation
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high accuracy Static Calibrator

high accuracy Static Calibrator

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high accuracy Static Calibrator

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  1. The Technological Leader in Eddy Probe Testing Equipment The Technological Leader in Eddy Probe Testing Equipment

  2. About Us :- All of the components manufactured by Gilchrist-Pearson are warranted for a period of 5 years against all failures other than those caused by end user. Items purchased from outside suppliers, such as the Digital Micrometer is only covered by the manufacturer for 90 days. The Digital Micrometer is a HIGH PRECISION measuring device with resolution capability down to 1/20 of 1 thousand of an inch. Be sure to look at above video to see how to best protect the Static Calibrator against shipping and handling damage. GILCHRIST-PEARSON Technology is the Technological Leader in Eddy Probe Testing Equipment. We offer top-notch Dynamic Calibrator models with an Adjustable Vibration Simulator for calibrating Eddy Currents, non-contact probe systems, and proximity with greater accuracy in less time. Our unique range of calibration products helps you achieve precision calibration measurements without experiencing any hassle.

  3. Eliminates Electrical runout Electrical and Mechanical Runout are two factors that can have a significant affect on Eddy Probe measurements. While there is little we can do to remove the measurement errors caused by Electrical and Mechanical Runout while the Eddy Probe is in actual use, we can eliminate both of these errors during the testing/calibration process as explained in the following: Electrical Runout is caused by imperfections and/or variations in the internal composition of the Target Material being monitored. Since the Target Material is typically an alloy made up of a composition of different metals. Each of these different metals can affect the distance measurement capability of the Eddy Probe and thus indicate an erroneous distance between the surface of the Eddy Probe and the surface of the Target Material. By eliminating the possibility of erroneous distance measurement readings during the test/calibration process, we have greater assurance of our test results being correct. Our digital Micrometer adds to this assurance by eliminating the operator judgement errors inherent in using an Analog Micrometer.

  4. Eliminates Mechanical runout What eliminates mechanical runout errors? Find out more about the latest calibrator and techniques at Visit us now.

  5. Mounts on any steel surface The calibrator developed by Gilchrist-Pearson mounts on any steel surface and offers great accuracy in less time. Visit our website to know more.

  6. high accuracy Static Calibrator At Gilchrist-Pearson Technology, we offer high accuracy static calibrator for precise calibration of your measuring instrument. Contact us at (281) 923-9055.

  7. Adjustable Vibration Simulator Gilchrist-Pearson Technology offers Adjustable Vibration Simulator with unique range features for 6200-PSC Dynamic Calibrator. Learn more about it on our website.

  8. Address :- m Gilchrist-Pearson Technology 2710 Fortuna Dr. Katy, TX 77493 USA (281) 923-9055

  9. Thank You