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How to make your office look better with glass solutions

This article will take you through the important reasons why offices should install glass solutions for their interior & exterior space.

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How to make your office look better with glass solutions

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  1. How To Make Your Office Look Better With Glass Solutions

  2. Modern offices thrive on beauty and looks. A space where a number of people spend 8 to 10 hours of the day needs to be motivating and inspiring. A workplace without style and décor is just a dull place without any enigma. Today, when décor is an essential requirement, choosing the right material is a huge problem and often puts the customer in dilemma.

  3. When it comes to modern aesthetic and stylish solutions, glass as a material stands apart from metal and ply boards. Glass manufactures and facilitators have innovated techniques to change glass solutions into beautiful, décor materials. As an aesthetic solution, the glass has unmatched capabilities as compared to other materials. This is the reason why glass is the preferred material of choice in office interiors and exteriors. Imagine, your client stepping into your office and being welcomed by an automatic glass sliding door. Imagine the kind of impression that these solutions can create for your office. There are various modes of glass types which are now used for office décor and construction. With such a tremendous pace of innovation, glass has found many new and contemporary applications. There are a number of ways in which glass solutions can find the way into an office.

  4. Here are some of the options – Aesthetic solutions – Aesthetic solutions in glass are the most important part of office architecture. There are a number of aesthetic solutions like tinted glass, lacquered glass, etched glass, stacked and printed glass that add a new look to the office interiors and exteriors. These solutions have a number of usage, as they can be installed as partitions, doors, windows, cabinets, table tops, etc. Aesthetic glass solutions come in various prints, style, colour and design. The reason why aesthetic solutions are so highly recommended in offices is because of the many layers of décor and elegance it adds to the space. The workplace looks inspiring and makes the employees feel like working at a special place.

  5. Security Solutions – When it comes to beautifying interiors with resilient construction, toughened glass solutions are ideal for office spaces. Glass based solutions are manufactured using special process that makes it stronger than the normal glass. It can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees. One of the main characteristic is that upon breakage, the glass does not shatter but remains intact to the frame thus reducing the risk of accidents and other unfortunate incidents. For a space where there is a lot of movement, accidents can negatively impact the productivity and employee motivation can go down to zero. While toughened glass solutions make your office theft and burglar proof, its aesthetic appeal also takes the office décor to a whole new level. Toughened glass solutions are ideal for glass door designs in office. Since these solutions do not break under impact and are temperature resistant, it can be installed as the office building façade as well.

  6. Acoustic Solutions – Modern glass manufacturing process has changed the way glass used to be. Something that is essentially aesthetic in nature is now fulfilling purposes like security and noise reduction. This is the reason why glass has become a popular choice. Modern glass solutions, when manufactured using the specialized PVB interlayer between two glass panels, become an excellent acoustic solution. This solution is capable of blocking unwanted noise by 50 to 60%. Insulated glazing unit, in which two or more glass panes are hermetically sealed using an adhesive, is capable of noise reduction up to 30Db. These excellent noise reduction solutions are perfect for boardrooms and meeting rooms. With noise proof glass solutions, you can add the aesthetic charm of glass as well as make sure that your confidential meetings happen in peace without anyone listening from the outside.

  7. Privacy with Smart Glass – Cabins and meeting rooms that require privacy can rely upon highly advanced smart glass solutions. Smart glass solution is a scientifically advanced glass solution which provides the liberty of changing the appearance of the glass from transparent to translucent with click of a remote. With smart glass solutions, office interiors can find an ultra-modern look that no other material can provide. Now impressing a client is just a remote’s click away. The stylish look and easy availability of glass solutions makes it an ideal décor material for interior spaces.

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