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Choice of Pendants to Choose From PowerPoint Presentation
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Choice of Pendants to Choose From

Choice of Pendants to Choose From

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Choice of Pendants to Choose From

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  1. Choice of Pendants to Choose From

  2. MedallionPendants – Lockets These pendants come with 2 opening parts, between which you can insert pictures. Such pendants usually are heart or oval in shape and prove to be amazing presents for the people you love the most.

  3. Personalized Pendants • Pendants are one of the most trending Sri Lankan jewellery that come in the form of letters that make the owner’s name. There are pendants with inscriptions that are considered to be the ideal ways to commemorate important events like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and more.

  4. Luxury Pendants • Looking up online for the latest jewellery in Sri Lanka with prices, you will come across luxury pendants of fine and graceful shapes. They’re all made of the most exclusive metals and decked up with precious stones. They are undeniably the real works of art.

  5. Religious • One of the most preferred pendants available online are the religious pendants with crosses and multiple models and images of saints. People mostly buy these pendants only relatives or very close friends. Know more about gold pendant price in Sri Lanka.

  6. Classic Pendants • Classics is in trend all the time. These pendants are usually made of gold or silver and can be decked up with precious stones or pearls. These forms of the classic pendants are graceful and soft, which is why they don’t strike the eye.

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