effects of criminal record n.
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Effects of Criminal Record PowerPoint Presentation
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Effects of Criminal Record

Effects of Criminal Record

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Effects of Criminal Record

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  1. Effects of Criminal Record

  2. A criminal record is a documentation that would identify whether an individual was convicted or not. This proof has all the data regarding one’s characteristics, fingerprints and lawful charges. The information was being compiled after the person was found accountable of committing criminal offenses whether it’s minor or major fault under laws such as the controlled drugs and substances act and also the criminal code.

  3. A criminal record does not automatically vanish, not even for quite a few years in spite of if it’s major or minor offense. On the other hand, there are few cases which you can apply for record postponement, your record can be separated from all other criminal records so if someone will get your criminal history, it will no longer easy to get to and available.

  4. However, the criminal information of a person who committed a crime under 18 years old cannot be revealed after a certain period of time unless the person committed serious offense and was sentenced as an adult.

  5. Having a suspension on the criminal record, does not necessary means that all data will be removed from being found accountable or being offender, you must still answer yes to the questions, “If you have been convicted or found guilty?” and that is the time wherein you can explain the reason why you received the record suspension.

  6. In general, anyone who is being convicted or committed a crime are more severely than for those who do not have any criminal record cause it can cause you big trouble if: • You want to get employed. • You want to connect a skilled order and wants to have a professional certificate • You want to migrate or travel to another country or state • You want to acquire insurance

  7. On the other hand, since it is indicated on a general rule that certain cases may be provisional, there will be a chance that discharges can be implemented or given to a person especially if it’s minor or less severe offence. If notice of discharge has been given, you are no longer considered as convicted and you can start new life.

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