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Do High Performance Mufflers Really Add Horsepower?

Nowadays dual exhaust tips have become common In most cases being adopted by manufacturers both for aesthetic and performance considerations. The exhaust system is one that provides a performance improvement as well as gives the more aggressive note to a car. Contact us for more information!<br>http://converterplace.com/product-category/performance-exhaust<br>

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Do High Performance Mufflers Really Add Horsepower?

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  1. Do High Performance Mufflers Really Add Horsepower?

  2. The value addition or otherwise of high performance mufflers is a topic that has been going on for many years in most auto blogs. Many people confuse them with the clamp on aftermarket oversize tailpipes and these are not quite helpful in improving your car’s performance. These tailpipes can actually slow down the car as they simply add resistance and weight and do not actually open up exhaust flow from your car’s engine.

  3. The said tailpipes simply overlap and give a bigger exhaust look yet it is still the constricted old pipes that do the exhaust work. If you really want to increase the horsepower, you have to avoid the cheap quick fixes and invest in high quality exhaust system. Also note that there are cheap imitations of aesthetic add on which will not offer any aural benefits and you also need to avoid them.

  4. A real muffler works to boost horsepower: The best high performance mufflersparts are installed to form part of the wider upgrade to the cat-back system. Cat-back is a term used to refer to the several parts and systems of the car from the catalytic converter to the car’s back and it includes one of two mufflers, a resonator and middle pipes.

  5. In many countries across the word, you cannot mess up with the catalytic converter as you wish since there are environmental requirements and regulations on auto emission that must be complied with. However, you can legally upgrade the components of the cat-back system. The muffler, which is basically the tailpipe and the most visible part of the exhaust system, and an upgrade to this part is easily noticeable. This is the reason why many people wrongly consider mufflers of larger size, shape or model to be of high performance yet they may have no significant improvement on the performance of the car and some may even have slow down effects.

  6. So, as you think of high performance diesel performance exhaust, understand and keep in your mind that it is only total cat-back system upgrade you can realize improve horsepower gains. A simple upgrade of the performance truck exhaust system leaving the other components of the cat-back system untouched may have little or not benefits.

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