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Reversible DIY Project For Maintaining Your Burnt Exhaust Tips

There are many different types of finishes such as a brushed finish or a spectacular polish. These exhaust tips are made of stainless steel. They do not have any type of coating or any finish. One of the greatest benefits is the invisible and protective layering that keeps its shiny and rust free. <br>http://converterplace.com/product-category/exhaust-tips

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Reversible DIY Project For Maintaining Your Burnt Exhaust Tips

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  1. Reversible DIY Project For Maintaining Your Burnt Exhaust Tips

  2. Are your exhaust tips turning yellow or brown due to too much oxidation? May be you are tired of polishing them now and then and want a better look on them like that titanium. Do not be afraid of making a blunder from a DIY cleaning procedure because there is a reversible method for solving your problem. The guidelines provided in this article apply to stainless steel exhaust tips or titanium tips. It is not recommended for chrome exhaust tips. ●Requirements ●A rag ●Metal polish ●Aluminum foil ●Propane or butane Preparations First of all, wash the exhaust tips in and out. Wipe off the polish so that it doesn’t catch fire during torching! Use the aluminum foil to wrap the parts of the bumper so that you disperse the heat which could possibly melt the CF diffuser. Torching begins from outside the tips with a horizontal angle to the tip.

  3. Heating the metal Ignite the torch and start heating outer part of the tip evenly and the metal will glow after a while. Have the flame moving slowly on the entire metal until it becomes red hot. You must not brush against the exhaust. If you let the metal to become excessively hot, it won’t achieve the blue color after cooling. The idea of heating the metal is to find a moderate glow. When not so sure, use less heat for shorter times and let the metal cool to see if the color is turning as desired. Then, repeat the procedure for the inner side. The color ranges from light blue, dark blue, silver, deep bronze, and purple- pink, depending on heat intensity. This project is 100 percent reversible, so if you mess up along the way, you won’t lose anything. You will only need to wipe off the discoloration and repeat the process carefully. To remove the silver or blue color on the burnt exhaust tips, use a higher amount of elbow grease than what you used in the first time of polishing the metal.

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