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The Reign of Apple PowerPoint Presentation
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The Reign of Apple

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The Reign of Apple
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The Reign of Apple

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  1. The Reign of Apple Apple mobiles are very popular nowadays due to their stylish looks and amazing features. Apple is a trendsetter in today’s world and most brands copy it in terms of shape, size, colours, and features. Its advanced technology has led to the increase in the number of users over the years. Apple launches new models every year with better and advanced features. Their iPhone 6 is a big success and even iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X are gaining popularity. Their iPhone 5 and iPhone SE is great for those who like a handy phone. Similarly, all brands try to keep up in the market by launching new models and each one claims to be better than the rest. With this rises the need for compatible accessories A One Stop Shop

  2. Hamee India is the perfect destination for those on the lookout for accessories for their gadgets. The brand specializes in phone covers and also provides customization at a minimal cost. Apple iPhone accessories are one of Hamee’s top selling products. Their range includes cases, pouches, screen guards, charms, etc. Their iPhone back cover range is vast with all kinds of designs. They have quirky prints with funny quotes and dainty designs with flowers and fairies. You can find designs for all tastes. Their flip covers look exquisite with their amazing leather texture and embossed logo. These covers also have the option of being personalized with names or messages. The flip covers are available in two classy colours – black and brown. Apart from the swanky Apple iPhones, there are many other brands which have also got a good user base. One such brand is Vivo. This brand is popular due to its high-end features and well as competitive pricing. It always excels in providing the best camera in its phones and therefore its phones are referred to as ‘camera phones’. The brand launches models every few months and is each new model has an upgraded camera! Hamee India has a wide variety of covers for Vivo phones as well. One of their most popular phones is Vivo V7 Plus which has gained popularity in the market. Hamee India’s Vivo V7 Plus back cover series is as good as it gets! They have a wide selection of printed back covers with customization options available. You can also opt for a flip style which is easy to carry to around. The flip covers also have card storage space and provide ultimate protection to your phone. The Choice is Yours Are you planning to buy a new phone soon? Then be rest assured that Hamee India has got your back. Go ahead and check out their website. They have offers going on all year round and they also come up with cool contests each season. While you are there you can also check out their range of cool notebooks and planners, coffee mugs and coasters, laptop decals and cases too! And of you already have a cover….then its high time you get a new one from Hamee India!