about finding the best solutions for your n.
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About finding the best Solutions for your Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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About finding the best Solutions for your Requirements

About finding the best Solutions for your Requirements

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About finding the best Solutions for your Requirements

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  1. About finding the best Solutions for your Requirements No matter what work we do, what business we run or manage, it will always be important to plan ahead and make sure we understand all those issues that impact success and profitability. This is true for big organisations and small businesses alike, whether one works for government or in the private sector, be that to run your own private affair or to be responsible for the systems in the bigger commercial or industrial sectors. Success is never a given – one has to be sure that all the stops are pulled out, also in terms of the equipment one uses in the office or work environment. Very few businesses these days – most likely not any – will survive without good electronic equipment and IT services such as, for example, AV systems for training and events purposes, or one or more of all the different computers and the leading brands out there. It makes sense that companies look at the best options to run their business at maximum levels – and certainly with regard to the equipment they keep. This poses the question: how does a firm go about acquiring those pieces of equipment and related systems to ensure that needs are met. Of course buying good, solid, the best equipment such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and the like comes to mind. But, for many, this is not the ideal situation. Many benefit much more from renting or hiring the equipment they use, and to this end it is good to know that there are some excellent service providers to assist in this regard. There are some companies out there that actually rent these out every day – and some of them are truly large companies with representation in all parts of the country you live in, whether that is the UK, the US or Singapore or Australia. Some have built a great organisation that rents out almost any kind of IT equipment one can think of, right from AV to televisions and servers. This is a service often referred to a HaaS, or“hardware as a service”. Many companies of varying size, some with only a few employees, others multi- national concerns, are using this kind of service whereby they approach a well-known company to assist them with their IT and modern equipment needs. Good companies offering a HaaS solution make sure they offer great service, great selections and choices with regard to the

  2. equipment they hire out – and exceptional service to make sure their customers and clients are satisfied and benefit from dealing with them. Of course there are different reasons for customers to approach a HaaS option. Very often it suits their profile because they are looking at either short or long term cash flow issues, or they need certain equipment for a limited period only such as during peak season in their organisation or because they offer a short course in training to new employees – or courses that may involve the greater public. There are many reasons and every individual and company knows what their needs for HaaS are. Fortunately some really great services are always ready to offer this service and to assist. In terms of HaaS and related systems the user and owner of the equipment (the HaaS owner) agree that the user will rent from the service provider those pieces of equipment they need to run their business’s IT responsibilities – at a certain rent, for a certain time period. Every arrangement is put in place to suit both parties, and clients that deal with a good, well-known, trusted service are in the best position to benefit from their association, as it helps them to save on cost to buy equipment, and also to know that they are in a position to plan properly. About Us : At Hamilton Rentals we pride ourselves on bringing all our valued clients the best choices with regard to short term computer and AV hire as well as a host of IT services that include cloud services and data centre relocation. We offer rental services on all of the most recent products such as iPads, PC’s, laptops, servers and AV equipment. As the UK’s largest IT and AV and related products company we offer a host of services aimed at meeting the demands of the modern user. Because of our association with Bell Integration and technical service and analytics business Portal we are in the best position to offer a complete service unequalled by our competition. For more information about us, please visit .