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How Tablets are Changing the Business World PowerPoint Presentation
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How Tablets are Changing the Business World

How Tablets are Changing the Business World

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How Tablets are Changing the Business World

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  1. How Tablets are Changing the Business World The business landscape is being altered by tablets. Walk into any library, coffee shop or step on a public bus or and a subway train and you will discover that tablets are now replacing laptops and becoming one of the most popular portable electronic device of preference. One of the reasons that tablets have become so trendy is because they are portable and are now powered by some of the best processors in the industry. The technology used in tablets have closed the performance gap between laptops and no appreciable dissimilarities can be found. Many businesswoman and men will rather use the more user-friendly, slimmer, lighter-weight and portable tablet instead of using a laptop. The business industry is constantly being reshaped and evolving by advanced technology. Years ago, individuals used typewriters, but as technology advance, it was replaced by the desktop and was beget by the laptop. Nowadays tablets and smartphones are trending. Most of the people own or rent a mobile phone or tablet. One of the main reasons why tablets are becoming so popular in the business world is that they are slim, lightweight, portable and very easy to carry around in a backpack, purse or briefcase. With wireless connectivity, you can browse the internet with your tablet, check your emails and even check in with project management applications without Wi-Fi connection (many laptops depend on it). Even though you can also work on the go with a laptop, you need a wireless hotspot or find a Wi-Fi network in order to use the internet functions or read your emails. While laptops are more than a stop-and-go- device, a tablet is perfect for those who work on the go. Many business individuals rely heavily on their tablets, especially during meetings. Taking notes is easy, quiet and unobtrusive. There are many apps that you can install on your tablets that can turn your handwritten sketches and notes into legible text. To type is good, but most times writing, and sketching is better. With the use of tablets, you can now easily present PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint app is now available on Google Android device, iOs and Windows. Many tablets can con stream images and video images to television screen if the correct connection is available such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV. This makes tablets the ideal device to use during meetings and events.

  2. Any tablet can be customized easily, and apps can be developed if existing ones do not meet your requirements and business needs. Tablets are becoming the device of choice amongst various industries and companies. They are uses as additional navigational resources by pilots, coffee shops use them to do transactions and major businesses use it to monitor supply lines and track shipments. Since tablets have a simple and intuitive user interface, the apps tend to be more effective and efficient. Freelancers and small business are starting to use tablets for dear financial day to day dealings. It is used to send money between users, handle and secure payment between users. With straightforward online invoicing apps, you can now, with ease, transform your tablet into a complete operating banking tool, ideal for on-site transactions along when using along with a card reader or managing your finances. When merging the above mentioned with the mobility of your tablet, then this device cannot be matched with a laptop. For Freelancers and small business, tablets are an affordable tool that can open many business opportunities for you. Even though most businesses can gain from having the most innovative technology to set them apart from their rivalries, it can become very expensive. Most companies are now considering hiring their equipment such as tablets, iPads and laptops from reputable renting companies. Not only will they benefit from the latest ground-breaking equipment and technology, but they will pay a small percentage of the price. No matter what your requirements are, it is always very important to look around for the perfect tablet deal. There are countless of computer rental services that can be found in most urban areas and on the internet that can assist you with your needs. About Us As a provider of short-term AV hire and computer services, Hamilton Rental has made a stellar reputation in helping businesses manage their IT assets and meeting their temporary technology demands. Since inception in 1972, the company provide customers access to a comprehensive and enviable fleet of IT and AV equipment, event management services and a range of inventory management solutions. With a team of highly skilled specialists, you can rest assured that our broad range of services will help you manage your business’s technology estates and meet your business demands. For further information visit: