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Health In Rainy Season PowerPoint Presentation
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Health In Rainy Season

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Health In Rainy Season
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Health In Rainy Season

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  1. Health in Rainy Season

  2. Health Tips During Monsoon • Monsoon is the season that brings happiness to our life. • But there are certain health risks that are brought by monsoon from which people needs to be really careful. • Even when you are having your diet, it will be really important to be cautious about meal and choose the adequate type of meal that won’t make you sick.

  3. Be healthy all through the monsoon season in India requires specific care to be taken. • The rainfall and water all over makes it very easy for mosquitoes to type and advances the risk of mosquito conveyed infections, like malaria and dengue high temperature with fever. • Viral infections also do spread easily during the monsoon season.

  4. Tips for keeping Healthy in Monsoon • If wish to eat road side food, then rainy season isn’t the time to indulge. Water and raw vegetables are not hygienic during the monsoon. • Use a strong insect repellent to hold mosquitoes away and restrain getting bitten. • Whenever possible, try to keep away from walking through rainy water. It can give rise to various fungal diseases of the feet and heels. • Keep the items like Umbrella, rain coat etc when going out. • Take moderately hot food and drinks this monsoon.

  5. Tips for keeping Healthy in Monsoon (cont) • Dry your feet whenever they get wet. • Avoid colds and coughs by keeping your body relatively hot and dry. • Don’t step in air conditioned rooms with wet hair and damp apparels. • If suffering from asthma or diabetes, avoid residing any place having wet walls. It uplifts the growth of fungus and can be largely hurtful. • Drink many of heating herbal teas, specifically those with antibacterial properties.

  6. Selection of diet during Monsoon • During the monsoon season, it is not advisable to consume fast food and the snacks from the roadside stalls. This might give rise to stomach infection • Many times people suffer from the trouble of indigestion in the monsoon season as the airborne bacteria are well active in the environment and can easily get inside body with the food you eat.

  7. Selection of diet during Monsoon (cont) • Since in the monsoon season, humidity is very high in the environment, the ability of body to digest goes down • It will be better for people to avoid the oily food that are prepared in street. Only the healthy food prepared at home should be considered

  8. Fruits • It is very important for you to consume sufficient fruits in the monsoon season as it helps to restore energy. • Select fruits like pears, mangoes, apples and pomegranate. • If you have pimples on your face and for removing them you should avoid the fruits like muskmelon and water melon.

  9. Dry food • It is preferable not to go for the watery food in the monsoons like juices available outside, lassi and other watery fruits. • Rather go for the dry category of food like pea, flour, corn etc. • Consumption of too much watery food in monsoon may give rise to swelling in your body.

  10. Increase your immunity • One of the vital problems suffered by people during the monsoon season is curtailment of immunity level in body. • There are ways through which you can easily increase your immunity level via home remedies • Whenever preparing soup, add a clove of garlic at the beginning while the oil is hot. This will increase immunity level of a person during monsoon.

  11. Water • Since water borne diseases are pretty common in the monsoon season, try not to drink water which is not purified. • Even after filtration, it is preferable to drink the boiled water as that will kill all germs and bacteria which have formed in water.

  12. Bitter vegetables • Should definitely include a dish of bitter vegetables in your meal for example neem, bitter gourd etc to avoid skin infections and allergies • If not in a boiled form, make a fried form to add taste. This is a great remedy to stay away from all types of skin infections.

  13. Stay away from stagnation • During the monsoons, stagnant water will be very well available everywhere • It is really vital to avoid stagnant water as this will give rise to diseases like malaria and dengue • Since stagnant water is a place where the mosquito can breed, averting such stagnant water will be an important consideration when living in monsoons

  14. Thank You! Healthvations M Private Limited