ways to improve your ideation process have n.
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Ways to Improve Your Ideation Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Ways to Improve Your Ideation Process

Ways to Improve Your Ideation Process

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Ways to Improve Your Ideation Process

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  1. Ways to Improve Your IdeationProcess Have you ever spent hours and hours with a pen or PC in your hand boggling with dozens of ideas in yourmind? Sometimes, you may just come out with a brilliant idea in the middle of the night in your bed. Maintain a regular stream of good ideas is a big challenge. Creativity and innovative ideas are deciding the future of the business. Whether you are a designer, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, you always need to improve your ideationprocess. The best way is whenever your brain comes up with any brilliant idea; keep a habit of jotting it down. Much is written about creativity and ideation process. We have highlighted some best ways to improve your ideation process to grow yourbusiness. Best Tips for IdeationProcess These tips do not give you any creative ideas, but you can shape your ideation process with them. What should be the best features of an ideal ideation process? Find ithere. 1. Diverse andDifferent A team of creative thinkers and planners may not always churn out the best idea. However, even a single person can make a difference if the ideas are diverse. A team created for the ideation process should have diverse people. From different age-group, gender, educational level, fields, and race. Sometimes, some ideas are related to the cultural roots as well. A right mix of the people in the team can bring diversity in the ideationprocess.

  2. 2. Use the Trustworthy and ProvenIdeas Creativity, uniqueness, and something differing kind of feeling is a very good. However, it is not always a wise thing to risk your business with unproven novel ideas. Especially, when you are in short of time and handling a critical project, use some proven and trustworthy ideas. Even if you use a new idea, don’t just rely on the thinkers. Keep some people who can check the viability and practicality of theideas. 3. Use the Power ofVisuals Power of visuals is already obvious in the internet era. Don’t even neglectitwhiletheideationprocess.Useaboardandpen,pictures,

  3. graphs, diagrams, flow chart, and other visuals to make the picture clear. Appending specific words with the visuals to boostthe inspiration and morale is also excellent. Some companies also go extra mile and hire artists to visualize theideas. 4. Frame Questions &Answers While it is a great thing to get creative ideas, challenging them with question and answer session is an important part. Sometimes even the most creative idea fail to be practical whenchallenged. First of all, ask a question, is this idea viable? How to implement it? What will the pros and cons of theimplementation? After jotting down the ideas, get the team to challenge them. Now turn your ideas into problems and see which the best to deal withis. Clear and precise briefs are the best way to give a good result to the sessions of the ideation process. Keep on tracking the different ways of improving the ideation process withus.