herniated disc treatment clinic nyc n.
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Herniated Disc Treatment Clinic NYC PowerPoint Presentation
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Herniated Disc Treatment Clinic NYC

Herniated Disc Treatment Clinic NYC

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Herniated Disc Treatment Clinic NYC

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  1. Herniated Disc Treatment Clinic NYC Contact Address: New York, NY 10013 Phone: 917-793-0482 Website URL: About Us Whether you've had a recent sports injury or you've been suffering for a long time with back pain, neck pain, knee pain, herniated discs or any other pain, that's all about to change. At New York Pain Care we do things differently - our approach to pain relief ensures that you get the right care from the right doctors and that your treatment starts as soon as possible. With locations in Midtown and Union Square as well as early and late office hours, booking an appointment is easy. Our board certified chiropractors will address the many painful conditions caused by a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system. We work as a team to ensure a complete healthcare experience for all our patients. What do I do next? While chiropractic care can be effective for patients with pain conditions, it may not be the most appropriate treatment method for all patients. For this reason, it is important to meet with a pain specialist at New York Pain Care to determine the true cause of your pain and determine which treatment method is most appropriate. Related Searches: Back pain doctor, back pain specialist, neck pain, herniated disc treatment clinic, bulging disc treatment, sciatica nerve pain treatment, back doctor , best back doctor, back pain doctor, best back pain doctor, neck pain doctor, best neck pain doctor, lower back pain doctor, upper back pain specialist, NYC, NY. Nearby Locations Manhattan | The Bronx | Queens|Harlem|Central Park 10028|10468|11366|11206| 10019 Additional Details Mon – Fri: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM GMB Listing

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