are you choosing the right mobile app development n.
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Are You Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are You Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform?

Are You Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform?

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Are You Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform?

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  1. Are You Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Platform? Mobile app development platforms are increasingly gaining importance given the constant rise in the demand for apps. However, there are certain things to bear in mind when choosing the right MADP. This article sheds light on the key considerations for selecting the right development platform. Mobile applications are everywhere. If you would take a second to consider the impact that mobile applications have had on even the simplest day to day tasks that you perform, you will find it impressive if not amazing. Mobile applications have enabled us to automate most of our tasks. For instance, you can order food right to your doorstep without the need to get in touch with the restaurant. Another area that has seen a massive transformation with the advent of mobile applications is the global social media platform. With apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat among others, getting in touch with the world outside is now only a tap of a thumb away. However, the true potential of automation that mobile applications hold is more clearly exhibited in a completely different domain. Enter enterprise mobile applications. Efficient deployment of enterprise mobile applications is at the very heart of embarking on the revolution Industry 4.0. Enterprise mobile apps are crucial for a diverse range of organizational functions — from managing business processes to creating accurately mapped databases — these applications are transforming how businesses operate. In fact, such is the magnitude of impact that enterprise mobile applications have had on businesses across sectors that they are turning out to be a decisive competitive edge. Businesses are also leveraging the communicative advantage of mobile apps to reach out to their customers in a bid to improve interactive experiences.

  2. The advantage of mobile applications on the business front is, therefore, quite clear. That being said, developing enterprise mobile applications is somewhat of a challenge to most companies. This is especially true for organizations that do not possess the required level of skills or infrastructure to undertake such a project. This is where mobile app development platforms come into the picture. Mobile app development platforms or MADPs offer a comprehensive way to develop apps. While businesses can opt for building their own mobile app development platform, there are various third-party vendors that offer these services. To an enterprise with no experience in the application development space, the advantage of mobile application development platforms speaks for themselves. Mobile Application Development Platforms: What You Need to Look For You need to be well aware of the nature of services being offered by third-party mobile app development platform providers. Here is a list of factors to look out for when choosing the right mobile application development platform for your business: Features of the platform: ​As with any service, identifying the key features is one of the primary tasks when choosing the most suitable mobile app development platform for your business. The wide range of functionalities of enterprise mobile applications makes it nearly impossible to clearly state the finer features that the right mobile app development platform should have. However, there are certain ​MADP features that determine whether you should opt for the mobile application development platforms in the consideration or drop it off the list. For instance, a standard mobile app development platform should support development, testing, debugging, deployment, throughout the application lifecycle. Another feature that is a must-have is the inclusion of a comprehensive middleware that enables the incorporation of services like push notifications and storage. Support for Operating Systems: ​​While the features of the mobile app development platform will enable you to scope out your course of actions, the operating support will eventually determine your deployment model. This is why checking the OS support earns a high spot on developers’ list of priorities. hosting, and maintenance

  3. A large majority of third-party mobile app development platforms support the deployment of apps on the widely popular Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, there are other operating systems that may need specific attention based on the nature of the application and the target user base. Especially in case of enterprise mobile apps, Windows and Blackberry should also be taken into account along with iOS and Android as those are still not completely obsolete. Systems Integration: ​​A standard ​mobile application development is seldom a standalone service. Nearly all mobile applications require some kind of integration with specific third-party offerings. This argument holds especially true for enterprise mobile applications where there needs to be seamless integration with not just third-party services but legacy software as well. Mobile app development platforms may use various technologies to accommodate the development of applications of diverse nature and functionality. Some of the most influential technologies and models currently are Representational State Transfer (REST), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Leveraging pre-built integration tools is another way to support connectivity to third-party services like SAP and Salesforce. Nature of the App: ​​When it comes to determining the nature of the app you are developing, there are three choices. ● ● Native ● ● Hybrid ● ● Web Native apps are built in a manner that allows them to be supported only by a specific operating system. Web apps are not thus restricted. They are based on web browsers but have similar interface and functions independent of the operating system. Hybrid apps bring together the best of both the worlds.

  4. Creating a standard base code and leveraging automated code generation to develop apps for a variety of platforms makes app development a faster process. Each of these app types offer unique pros and cons that you are probably already familiar with. However, keeping the nature of your application in mind will be one of the major factors in determining the right mobile app development platform since it will need to cater to your specific needs. Development Environment: Let’s face it. The single most obvious expectation from mobile app development platforms is the development tools and functionality. The lack of advanced features will prevent the production of a standard app irrespective of the MADPs integration and other capabilities. Simply put, the development environment is one of the most decisive factors to consider when choosing the right mobile app development platform. Once you have determined the nature of your app, this process becomes a lot simpler. Understanding the scalability and future requirements of the app will help you determine the right development environment for your project. There are broadly three classes of mobile app development platforms based on the development environment offered. The first kind offers integrated development environments (IDEs) that can directly be downloaded to the system. The other option is to install plugins to third-party integrated development environments. The third type offers a mix of the two options. The application development roadmap requires a dedicated approach to success. Employing the right ​mobile app development platform is the key to achieve the desired results. The rest is determined by the brilliance of your idea. Talk to our experts now-->​​ Or call us at ​​+65 8813 8839 To know more, visit our website at