marvelous planters you ll love in 2020 n.
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Modern Style Planters PowerPoint Presentation
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Modern Style Planters

Modern Style Planters

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Modern Style Planters

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  1. Marvelous Planters you'll love in 2020

  2. vista • A finely articulated oval, the Vista Planter imbues interior and exterior designs with a graceful presence. • The durable beauty of the planter’s lightweight, fiberglass construction is resistant to UV rays and scratches and superbly suited to any design scheme. • This modern planter is finished in a choice of fade-resistant marine grade paints or trademark metal Fusions, which develop a unique patina over time. Shown below from above in Matte Black and to the left in Brass. Visit Us: Order Now: VISTA

  3. SURREY • Finely articulated fluting gives the Surrey Planter a columnar appearance that adds modern elegance to both interiors and exteriors. • Constructed by hand to exacting standards, the durable, lightweight fiberglass structure is equal parts strength and beauty. • Finished in a choice of faderesistant marine grade paints or trademark metal Fusions, each planter is UV-resistant and scratchresistant. Shown to the right in Copper. Visit Us: Order Now: Surrey

  4. ORB • Rounded to perfection, the Orb Planter is a nearly complete circle constructed of durable fiberglass with a UV-resistant and scratch-resistant outer shell. • Flawlessly finished in brightly colored, high-gloss paint, the Orb Planter resembles a gleaming gumball and makes a fun addition to any interior or exterior design. • Shown on the opposite page in Shiny White and above in Bronze. To the left shown left to right in Copper, Matte Black, and Bronze. Visit Us: Order Now: ORB

  5. ECLIPSE • Inventive and unexpected, the Eclipse Planter flaunts a boldly modern design that is constructed by hand to our exacting standards. • Shown below in Bronze and Copper, and to the right in Matte Black. Visit Us: Order Now: ECLIPSE

  6. SOLID • The Solid Planter is marvelously multi-functional; • the vertical line pattern is perfect for disguising wear and tear as a planter, trash or ash-trash container. • Shown above in Bronze. Visit Us: Order Now: SOLID

  7. Get all kinds of PLANTERS RECYCLING / TRASH FURNITURE for Office Showroom & Warehouse Contact: Address: 2000 Wright Avenue Richmond, CA 94804 EMAIL: PHONE: 510.536.4886 Visit Us: