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Vimal Industrial System-PPT PowerPoint Presentation
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Vimal Industrial System-PPT

Vimal Industrial System-PPT

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Vimal Industrial System-PPT

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  1. ABOUT US • The year 2007 marked humble beginning of a big dream, of setting up an organization which has immensely contributed to growing demands in the area of automation systems and special purpose machines requiring special technical skills. • Vimalgroup has experienced enviable business growth year on year, thanks mainly to long list of reputed clients acquired by goodwill generated by our long lasting quality systems. • We have successfully developed and delivered systems that have become an integral part of clients manufacturing operations. • Our systems help reduce operator fatigue, enhance productivity, ensure quality of products and meet assembly goals.

  2. Pipe Sizing Machine in Pune • Riding on our interminable volumes of occupational proficiency and understanding, we are indulged in presenting a broad array of Pipe Sizing Machine. Highly applauded and accredited for their longer life, these offered products are obtainable with us in different stipulations. • To know more:

  3. Assembly and Punching Presses in Pune • Our Presses can be operated both by hand and by our power packs, i.e., manually, to hydraulic presses, which are operated by our hydraulic power packs. • To know more:

  4. Infrared Heat Welding Machines in Pune • Infrared Welding is the process of joining plastic components with the use of electric quartz glass infrared emitters. It is a complex assembly method that requires a delicate balance of machine capabilities such as accurately regulated parameters. • To know more:

  5. Hot Plate Welding Machines in Pune • Hot plate welding is the process of joining two parts of a plastic component using heated plate. Hot plate welding also known as mirror, platen or butt welding is used for welding injection-molded components. • To know more:

  6. Heat Insertion Machines in Pune • Heat Insertion is a process wherein a heated thermal tip embeds a metal insert into a plastic application . • Used for assembly of metal parts with plastic parts permanent, such parts used in automotive for fasting with metal parts in Vehicles. • To know more:

  7. Heat Staking Machines in Pune • Heat staking machines are beneficial when joining two parts that consist of different material which cannot normally be ultrasonically welded. • To know more:

  8. Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machines in Pune • The ultrasonic welding of plastics uses high frequency sound waves to create frictional heat between thermoplastic materials.Thewelding tool (Sonotrode) couples with the part to be welded and moves it in longitudinal direction. • To know more:

  9. End Forming Machines in Pune • Maintaining our sync with the prevailing market developments and trends, we are readily indulged in bringing forth a broad compilation of End Forming Machines. • To know more:

  10. Contact Us: Visit Us: Mail: Address: Sr No 36/1/3/3, Narhe-AmbegaonRoad Narhe Industrial Area, Narhegaon, Tal Haveli Pune 411041, Maharashtra, India Mobile: 7875509999