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Video Based Learning & Corporate Training Video Production PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Based Learning & Corporate Training Video Production

Video Based Learning & Corporate Training Video Production

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Video Based Learning & Corporate Training Video Production

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  1. Video-Based Learning

  2. Video-Based Learning If I can watch it, why read? There is a video on the Internet for learning almost any skill, in most languages of the world. With user preferences clearly towards “on the go” videos, organizations are moving quickly to migrate and develop their training content to use this new medium and reach out to all their employees, even in remote locations. However, there is more to creating and delivering Video-based Learning content than simply shooting a few videos and hosting them on the company intranet.

  3. Our Offerings: Create video-based learning course content and assessment that works equally well on mobile platforms Storyboard and produce videos using professional services Internationalize videos and close captions Host and manage video content on the cloud Develop tools to manage and administer the training content and measure effectiveness of video training material

  4. CHALLENGES WE SOVE : • A couple of in-house videos on varied topics do not form effective training. Employees do not pay attention to the video posts. • Hosting the videos on the company intranet severely restricts access and speed for users on the move or in remote locations. • There are no metrics to track effectiveness of the videos on the employees skills. • Different teams post videos in different resolutions and formats which makes it difficult to track and reuse.

  5. KEY DIFFERENTIATORS: • Extensive experience creating custom videos to include in learning content. • Proven methodology to review the training need, create storyboard, hire professions video agencies, and edit for achieving stated objectives. • Experience with converting videos to multiple languages with close captioning. • Experience with assisting customers host their video-based learning content on the cloud to ensure high availability and reduce hosting fees. • Use of mature learning strategies to embed video content as part of an overall learning solution with explanations, review questions, and remedial suggestions. • Implementation of administrative tools to review use of different training videos and assess student performance in those courses.

  6. About the author:Brenda Fernandes is a content quality analyst with InfoPro Learning, Inc. With over 15 years of experience, Brenda is an avid learning strategist with content development, instructional design and business analysis as her core areas of expertise. Brenda is a keen practitioner of harnessing the power of learning content to impact employee performance. For More Details: About the company: InfoPro Learning is an award-winning eLearning company providing corporate training solutions globally to improve workforce performance & drive business growth. Address: InfoProLearning,Inc. 103 Morgan Lane Suite 102 Plainsboro, NJ 08536 Phone: (609) 606-9984 Email: Web: