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Infostructure - small business phone system PowerPoint Presentation
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Infostructure - small business phone system

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Infostructure - small business phone system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Small business phone system PPT by Infostructure. Visit to learn more

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Infostructure - small business phone system

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    1. Small Business Phone System By InfoStructure

    2. InfoStructure Voice Services • Hosted PBX Virtual Phone System • Business VOIP Provider for SIP Trunking • Traditional Voice

    3. Hosted PBX Phone Systems - Plans Hosted PBX features ease of use, lower costs, and elimination of costly PBX maintenance – this is the promise of infoPBX, a Cloud based platform designed for medium and small business phone systems. infoPBX Flex- $10.00/mo Designed for more phones than lines infoPBX Local- $18.00/mo Designed for more local calling infoPBX National- $28.00/mo Designed forunlimited calling Visit for complete plan info.

    4. SIP Trunking - Plans SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, which is the signaling format of Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VoIP). It’s a proven method for using an Internet connection for the purpose of making and receiving your office phone calls. The call path for each phone conversation is called a “trunk.” infoSIPLocal- $15.00/mo Includes local usage. Long Distance calling is billed at a low per minute rate. infoSIP National - $25.00/mo Includes local and domestic long distance usage for one low flat monthly rate. Visit for complete plan info.

    5. Traditional Voice for Businesses - Plans With Infostructure's traditional phone system services, your lines become more dependable and affordable than ever. Whether your business has analog lines, PRI or T1, we have a proven solution to meet your needs. infoPOTS Voice Lines infoPRI & T1 Circuits infoLD Long Distance Read more about small business phone system plans on

    6. Contact InfoStructure Talent, OR office: 288 South Pacific Highway Talent, OR 97540 Phone: (541) 773-5000 Roseburg, OR office: 480 Northeast Oakland Avenue Roseburg, OR 97470 Phone: (541) 673-3772