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Spider-Man Broadway

This file is a synopsis of the play, as well as production and ticket purchasing information. Click the link for Spider-Man NYC information.

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Spider-Man Broadway

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  1. Produced by Bono and The Edge of U2, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is a cutting edge thriller of a Broadway Musical that is everything you would expect in a super-hero story: amazing stunts, over-the-top bad guys, and a wonderful story. What you won’t expect is the stunning visuals and awesome music composed by Bono and The Edge. Based on the comic book series created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has set a record for being the most technical show ever to open on Broadway! Spider-man tickets

  2. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is the most technical show to ever open on a Broadway stage. It includes rock-and-roll, large projection screens, aerial combat sequences, and dance numbers. The show includes a total of eighteen musical numbers! Because the starring role is so physically demanding, there are two starring actors that split the shows during the week! Don’t miss your chance to see this stunning Broadway show. Get your Spider-Man Broadway Show tickets today! Spider-Man on stage!

  3. The Story of Spider-Man Spider-Man was the creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The character was originally created as a supplement to another comic, but quickly took on a life of his own, as it appealed to the teen sensibilities of most comic book readers! It tells the story of New York teen Peter Parker, who is accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider that gives him his super powers. Following the advice of his uncle, Peter decides that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

  4. Called a “rock musical” by most theater-goers and critics, the producers of Spider-Man, Bono and The Edge of U2 are unsure of what to call it, because “it (has) elements of rock and roll, it’s elements of circus, it’s elements of opera, (and) of musical theater.” Bono refers to the show as “pop-up, pop-art opera” and “wrestling with the same stuff as Rilke, Blake, Wings of Desire, Roy Lichtenstein, and the Ramones.” 60 Minutes calls it “a comic book rock opera circus.” Bono disagrees, stating "We've moved out of the rock and roll idiom in places into some very new territory for us ... [including] big show tunes and dance songs." Other top theater performances of interest: Check out Tickets to The Book of Mormon! Get cheap War Horse tickets, too! Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark

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