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Internet Marketing Service Discusses 5 Facebook Ad Metrics to Focus On

Facebook Ad campaigns and similar internet marketing service strategies represent a huge investment, so measure and monitor metrics more closely.

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Internet Marketing Service Discusses 5 Facebook Ad Metrics to Focus On

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  1. June 14, 2017 Internet Marketing Service Discusses 5 Facebook Ad Metrics to Focus On There are so many metrics to consider when measuring the success of an ad campaign, so much so that it’s so easy to focus on the wrong ones if you don’t look beyond a metric’s face value. Too often, businesses focus on clicks, video views, reach, and relevance score. The bad news though, is that you can hit the ideal numbers with these metrics and still not get the ROI results that you want to see from your ad campaigns. Since Facebook Ad campaigns and other similar internet marketing service strategies may represent a significant investment for your business, you’ve got to measure and monitor the 1

  2. ROI you’re earning from your campaigns more closely. Below are the five stats that tell you the real story. Generated sales If you’re trying to sell your products online, generated sales allow you to measure how many sales you make. This is arguably the most practical metric to consider. If you aren’t reaching your sales targets, all you have to do is increase your ad spending budget or provide first-time visitors with better incentive to close the deal. Once they become familiar with your brand, you can retarget and convert them cost-effectively. Frequency By studying the number of times an ad has been served to an average user, you can tell if people are starting to get bored and ignore your ads. Thus, you will know when to refresh your ads and restructure them to be more effective. Return on Ad Spend The ad spend should be used as a benchmark to find out how well your ads are performing. Since you’re spending money to get your brand noticed, you must obtain information on which campaigns are effective and which ones are not. You need to know how useful your ad spending actually is to inform your future ad campaigns. Click through rate and cost per click 2

  3. The click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC), while seemingly unimportant, can be used as a general indicator of the appeal of an ad campaign. A low CTR matched by a high CPC shows you that your ad is either not reaching your target audience or not convincing them enough to become responsive buyers. Cost per action The cost per action (CPA) gives you a more accurate view of how your ads are performing. If you can lower your CPA, you’ll increase your conversion rates and revenue for the same spend. Measure your CPA along with your Ad Spend, frequency, and other metrics you’re using for a better overview. About JTek Resources, LC: Mike Johnson, founder of JTek Resources, LC, has an extensive background in online marketing and project management. His philosophy is, listen closely to our client’s mid to long range goals and provide the service that "Fits" the client's needs. There is not a one size fits all approach when working with our clients. He understands that business owners are constantly promised spectacular results and are often disappointed when acceptable results are not achieved. “Our goal is to not promise results and under-deliver, but rather, establish realistic goals and far exceed expectations.” Mike has a demonstrated ability to fully understand the challenges faced by business owners and works diligently to improve the achievements of our internet marketing service clients. Source: The 5 Important Metrics of Facebook Ad Campaigns, NeilPatel.com 3

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