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Advanced Metering (ADI/AMI/AMR) Implementation Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Metering (ADI/AMI/AMR) Implementation Services

Advanced Metering (ADI/AMI/AMR) Implementation Services

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Advanced Metering (ADI/AMI/AMR) Implementation Services

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  1. Advanced Metering (ADI/AMI/AMR)Implementation Services

  2. Topics for Discussion • eMeter Overview • AMI Implementation & Lifecycle Management • Software • Services • Dynamic Pricing Project Implementation Example

  3. eMeter Overview Company Founded in 1999, Redwood City, CA Vision Enabling utilities to implement large-scale Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”) projects in support of demand response programs Making information available and useful to consumers, utility users, market participants and business processes Technology - Power Information Platform™ by eMeter (PIPe) eMeter’s advantage – integrating industry-leading, enterprise-class software, energy data acquisition servers, databases and business processes Integrates with utility-selected AMI metering/communications technology Strategic Partner – Landis+Gyr Consulting, implementation and operations support for L+G ADI solutions Head Cheese NE – Ralph Amato

  4. eMeter Experience and Expertise Principals have > 20 yrs experience in advanced metering Founded and led CellNet Data Systems 1984-1999 Operating one of largest C&I metering programs in the US at PG&E Collecting and processing interval data for over 8,000 meters daily Speak, publish, and testify before state legislatures, PUC’s, and Congress on technical and regulatory aspects of advanced metering and demand response Chair the national Demand Response Coalition and California Consumer Empowerment Alliance which support utility cost recovery for demand response and AMI investments Industry Specific Expertise Business case development, feasibility analysis, and regulatory support Program & logistics management Real-time data & asset management Software & business process development Technology and systems integration

  5. eMeter Business Services • PLAN & DESIGN • BUILD • OPERATE • Communication Planning • Value Realization • Customer Services • Development • Consulting • Business Requirements • Flexible business model • Consulting • License • Temporary Operations • Outsource • Flexible scope of work • Utility-selected • eMeter, Utility or 3rd Party Data Center hosting • Systems Operations • Maintenance Mgmt. • Asset Management • Program Planning • Technology Selection • Process & System Design • Deployment Prog. Mgmt. • Technology Integration • System Integration • RegulatoryEnvironmentAnalysis • RegulatoryProcessSupport • RegulatoryReporting Power Information PlatformTM Technology

  6. AMI Implementation & Lifecycle Management Software and Services

  7. AMI Project Framework

  8. Operate Design Build AMI Project Key Requirements for Success • Program Schedule and Resource Planning • Business Processes and Systems Planning • Technology choices and due diligence • Robust Business Case • Internal Management and/or External Regulatory Approval • If needed, technology pilot and certification • “Go/No Go” Decision • Project management • Overall planning and oversight • Schedule and Activity tracking • Logistics management • Reporting • Subcontractor coordination and oversight • Problem resolution • Not trivial • Cross-Dept Buy-in • Process, Techno-logical and OrgChallenges • Process Development and Systems Configuration • Processes • Project , Multi-AMI Technology and Data Management System • Utility Systems Upgrade and Integration • Data Collection and Data Management O&M Service • Data Collection O&M • Data Center O&M • WAN O&M • Process and Data Management and Coordination

  9. Was: Registration of monthly energy usage for billing purposes Is or Will Be: Registration of usage for billing purposes Information resource for consumers Platform for outage and restoration event reporting Distribution asset management resource Foundation for demand response/rate choice programs Basis for new customer services Power quality & performance monitoring New role of metering

  10. Metering Lifecycle – Then and Now Was: relatively simple commodity process Blanket orders Commodity purchase Shop/Truck Inventory Meter Install Retire Scrap Meter Test Meter In Service Is: highly tailored and configured process Complex Contracts Detailed Product Procurement Site-specific Work Order Requisition from inventory Product Configuration Meter In Service Verify Provisioning Network Configuration Meter Install Network Activation Meter Test Data Collection Trouble Report Repair /Replace Product Configuration Communications Test Network De-Activation Retire Scrap

  11. AMI – Managing complex relationships Contact User Name Static and Dynamic relationships must be maintained for meter data to be useful Premise Account Circuit Outage App Web App Network Data Center Dist. App Meter Network Module Carrier Service Point Billing App Channel Service Provider

  12. 1. Meter Data Collection Hardware and Software, and Data Warehouse 4. Integration Software to Billing and other Applications • Implementation Partner • Design-Build-Operate • SSoftware • DData Model • PProcesses • SServices 2. Meters and Meter Communications Modules 3. Meter Communications Networks Necessary Services & Software

  13. AMI IT Architecture Internet Existing Utility Information Systems Application-specific Metering Network Public/Private Wide Area Networks Meter & Network Interface Devices Data Center Project Management Software and Interfaces PSTN CSR Desktop Billing Power Line Data Collection Process Management Interfaces Management Data Management Meter Network Management Internet Internet Data Presentation Wireless Data Collection End-Customer Utility EAI Outage Management System Project Management Information System Paging Data Collection Private Wireless WAN Utility User Desktop Work Management System Telephone Data Collection Usage Data Repository Public Wireless WAN - Paging GPRS/1xRTT Distribution Engineering 000,000’s 000’s Several WAN Solutions Hundreds of applications, databases,and users AMI IT Infrastructure Multiple Meter and Field Network Technologies

  14. Meter Information Systems Architecture – Must Haves Web-based access utility & 3rd party Support for legacy systems integration Multiple technology support Generalized access to usage database Relationships maintained in AMI data model

  15. Operate Design Build AMI Implementation Services • Consulting • Program Planning • Business Processes and Systems Planning • Technology choices • Business Case • Internal Management and/or External Regulatory Approval • Technology pilot and certification • Program Management • Overall planning • Schedule and Activity tracking • Logistics management • Reporting • Subcontractor coordination • Problem resolution • Flexible business model • Consulting • License • Temporary Operations • Outsource • Flexible scope of work • Utility-selected • eMeter, Utility or 3rd Party Data Center hosting • Data Collection and Data Management O&M Service • Data Collection O&M • Data Center O&M • WAN O&M • Process and Data Management and Coordination • Meter lifecycle management • Process Development & Systems Configuration • Automated Processes • Project, Multi-AMR Technology and Data Management System • Coordination with Utility Systems Upgrade and Integration

  16. Role/Element Proposed Provider(s) Prime contractor, including budgetary and contract control Utility Implementation Management Project management and overall project quality assurance Logistics management Utility along with implementation partner New meters Meter manufacturer Meter-specific communications network, including hardware and data collection software Meter communications network vendor Field installation and maintenance-meters/comm. equip. Utility or installation/ maintenance contractor WAN communications linking Utility and meter-specific network nodes Wireless and wired communications carriers AMI Data Center hardware and equipment maintenance Hosting contractor and/or Utility Integration of data collection communications and software including AMI system configuration Implementation partner AMI System software for installation, operations, and maintenance management Implementation partner Operation of data collection software and communications networks, including WAN communications management Implementation partner AMI data management, including configuration, setup, and exception management Implementation partner Integration of AMI data into Utility systems Utility and system integrators Utilize AMI data in billing and Utility billing processes Utility AMI Project Roles with “Utility as Prime”

  17. Dynamic Pricing Project Implementation Example

  18. Program Management Example California Statewide Pricing Pilot (SPP) project Objective: Determine residential and small commercial customer responsiveness to price signals • Process • Target customers • Contact and begin enrollment • Install & activate meter • Provide Educational materials • Verify notification info • Generate savings estimate • Generate billing summary • Conduct survey • Evaluate customer response Requirements: Track and manage all processes and capture data for program analysis.

  19. Supporting Information Platform Web access for utility, contractors, consumers Interfaces to CIS, Billing, Notification Systems Interval data – to consumer web site, to billing, to research team Customer, meter, enrollment, contact, installation and status info Outsourced AMI Mgmt, Meter Data Collection and Notification Services Multiple Meter Data Collection Technologies – phone & wireless

  20. Pilot Project Process Management Process and status tracking History retained Cross-functional coordination Web access

  21. Customer Information – Billing Summary • Metered usage data collected daily • Billing Cycle maintained • Pre-processing of usage data generates billing determinants • Bill computation, taxes, surcharges added • Billing information provided to rendering engine to generate billing summary pages • .PDF rendered and posted to web site for customer viewing • Billing summary mailed to customer on billing cycle

  22. Customer Information – Web site Web services View interval usage data View billing summaries View/update notification info Download education materials Links to related information Future – online survey forms

  23. The Value of Managed AMI Data ServicesforC&I Applications

  24. Dynamic Environment for C&I Metering Today • Regulatory requirements • Demand response • Customer web requirements • Uncertainty and confusion on new technology choices • CDPD and analog cellular going away • GPRS, 1xRTT on the way but when? • Future of MV-90 uncertain • Upgrade • Support for next generation communications technologies • Many utilities are trying to figure out the best way to handle multiple technology/interfaces, leverage existing infrastructure, and prepare to migrate to future technologies while meeting customer and regulatory requirements

  25. Integrated Managed AMI Data Service • L+G Envoy • Paging • Server Public Wireless 2-way Paging Analog Cellular Digital Cellular Internet PSTN • C&I Metering • Paging e.g. SkyTel • GSM/GPRS e.g. AT&T • CDMA/1xRTT e.g. Sprint • Telco/Cellular • Internet SmartSynch Paging Server eMeter Process Mgmt Center Consumer • Comverge • PowerCAMP • Server Internet • Other • Digital Cell • Server CommStar Multi-Vendor Multi-Network Residential/Commercial 900 mHz Mesh Data Center • StatSignal • Wireless • Server • PLC • Server Utility User Power Information Platform™ Residential/C&I Distribution Line Carrier

  26. Common Objections/Misperceptions • “This is no more than just running a 3rd party data collection server” • “We would never outsource data collection for my largest customers” • “We won’t buy anything that MV-90 can’t read” • “We want to have control of the system” • “It costs more than our meter reading costs” • “Oh no, it’s Keith Jones again!”

  27. C&I AMI Services Project set-up & meter/account configuration Usage data collection Hourly/Daily delivery of 15/30 min interval data Data management and monitoring Sum checks and 1st level validation Asset tracking and maintenance management Trouble ticketing Event data collection and notification Data export and transfer via secure FTP server Performance & summary reporting Daily data checker email Technical support help desk Meter shop programming support Field installation support and communications validation User web access into the Power Information Platform Project monitoring & eService capabilities

  28. User Information Access End-Users Load Research Interval Data Interval Data Power Information Platform™ Key Acct Reps and CSRs Meter Services Service Point History Meter History Load History Service Point History Meter History Load History

  29. Power Information Platform – Interfaces PIPe Process Mgmt Center System Administration PIPe+ Utility Users Sub-contactors MyEnergyData Customers • eMeter Power Information Platform File Exchange sFTP HHF, MV9, XML, ASCII Direct DB Query SQL Real-time Messaging TIBCO Rendezvous Other

  30. PIPe+ Online Access to Utility and Partners

  31. PIPe+ Account – SDP – Meter – Channel

  32. PIPe+ Services

  33. PIPe+ Services Routing

  34. PIPe+ Service Requests

  35. PIPe+ Service Request Activity Tracking

  36. Value Proposition to Utility by Partnering with eMeter • Multi-Network Integrated Solution: Optimize metering and communications choices based on required functionality and cost • Minimize investment in multiple software systems • Select best communications technology per site • Enhanced Information Access: User access to complete meter lifecycle management data and project performance metrics through common interface • Reduced Risk: Minimize financial and technological risk • eMeter Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides • Support of multiple technologies minimizes technology obsolescence • Positive Budget Impact: Consolidation of operations into a common platform with performance-based contract will reduce operations costs • Speed of implementation • Minimal disruption to current operations • Lowest risk approach • Lowest TCO

  37. Economic Value to Utility Direct Budgetary Costs Minimize upfront licenses and setup costs Avoid annual maintenance and version upgrades Avoid backup/restore capabilities Avoid ongoing IT support Avoid communications links with carriers Minimize vendor training & support Avoid staffing for operations Improve “Hidden” Cost of Performance Minimize manual reads Minimize manual billing entry Improve diagnostics and trouble-shooting Avoid airtime cost overruns Minimize lost revenue (carrying charges for late bills)

  38. Common Objections/Misperceptions • “This is no more than just running a set of data collection servers” • Comprehensive service with Integrated architecture including servers, databases, business processes, seamless interface and single data file • “We would never outsource data collection for my largest customers” • Documented and proven performance in CA exceeded utility in-house data reliability and at a lower total cost of ownership • “We won’t buy anything that MV-90 can’t read” • Defer new software investment by leverage eMeter economies of scale during ramp up of new technology and transfer in-house once scale economies are achieved or if expectations aren’t met. • Uncertainty around if and when MV-90 will support and how much • “We want to have control of the system” • User access the Power Information Platform for monitoring, reporting, service requests • “It costs more than our meter reading costs” • Economic analysis of ALL costs associated with the operation should yield a positive result • “Oh no, it’s Keith Jones again!” • Hired Ralph and Jack as my agent and leveraging L+G Sales!!!