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Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat. Second Grade Reading. Vocabulary Words. clutched spirit terrific. clutched. To hold something tightly. spirit. To have enthusiasm, courage, and loyalty. terrific. To be very good; wonderful. compete contribute recreation deserve. mope actuate aloft

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Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat

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  1. Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat Second Grade Reading

  2. Vocabulary Words • clutched • spirit • terrific

  3. clutched • To hold something tightly

  4. spirit • To have enthusiasm, courage, and loyalty

  5. terrific • To be very good; wonderful

  6. compete contribute recreation deserve mope actuate aloft tinker Amazing Words

  7. compete • To try very hard to win; to become part of a contest

  8. contribute • To give, help, or pitch-in along with others; to give your time or money to help a cause

  9. recreation • Fun or something you do to have a good time

  10. deserve • Having a right to something because of earning it

  11. mope • To feel sad and sorry for yourself

  12. actuate • To get something started or put it into action

  13. aloft • High up or up in the air

  14. tinker • To work at something and fool around with it

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