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How to Improve the Hair-Tie

How to Improve the Hair-Tie. By: Paula Galindo & Jessie Williams . The Problem.

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How to Improve the Hair-Tie

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  1. How to Improve the Hair-Tie By: Paula Galindo & Jessie Williams

  2. The Problem The problem my partner and I would like to solve is to improve the hair-tie. Hair-ties always break. We want to make it never break and change color automatically. We also want to make it able to do your hair and make up new styles

  3. The Procedure The procedure that we would have to do is take a mini computer chip and put it inside the hair-tie. It would be programmed to make-up hair styles. The mechanical engineer would have to make little arms that fold up super small.

  4. The Engineers • The engineers we will need conduct our experiment is a computer and a mechanical engineer. The computer engineer would make the chip that would do the hair styles and the mechanical engineer would make the little arms inside move.

  5. Pictures

  6. The End Our problem was to improve the hair-tie. We have researched and found out ways to improve it. Maybe someone will improve it.

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