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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts. PC Comments: I actually like the minimal approach to the first slide. Feels dark and brooding - like MMA should. What is Mixed Martial Arts.

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Mixed Martial Arts

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  1. Mixed Martial Arts PC Comments: I actually like the minimal approach to the first slide. Feels dark and brooding - like MMA should.

  2. What is Mixed Martial Arts A combat sport in which two competitors attempt to achieve dominance over one another by utilizing a variety of permitted martial arts techniques PC Comments: Okay not sure I like this visual approach all the way through. Definitions are good. This one is simplistic, but at least you have one.

  3. The Challenge Create a 5-year plan to make MMA a top 5 sport in the US and UK PC Comments: This is getting ridiculous. Even with no images there are better ways to present these words. Task is fine. Measures of success while useful feel incomplete - why have you chosen these sports as the ones to beat? Measures of Success Surpass the NFL and FA Premier League in popularity and ratings

  4. Where are we now? The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV has posted continuous rating gains in each of its 3 season. For the weekend of Superbow XL current episodes touted more viewers and a younger media age than NBA games on TNT and MLB games on ESPN Demographic Profile During Superbowl XL Weekend • #1 among men 18-34 (3.71, 971,00) in timeslot (weeknights @ 10pm) • #1 in HH ratings (1.95), average audience (2.4 million) • Men 25-34 (5.03, 758,00) PC Comments: I've given up on thinking this will get better visually. Good - an understanding of current performance, and some data to support this But what are your conclusions? Are you going after NBA and MLB? This is information without analysis. • Men 18-49 (2.70, 1,411,000) Nielsen Monitor-Plus • Defeated TNT's NBA doubleheader featuring the league's marquee teams including Pistons vs. Heat / Lakers vs. Nuggets in household rating (1.95 to 1.68), average audience (2.4 million to 1.8 million)

  5. Challenges / Issues PC Comments: Not quite sure what you're trying to say here. Challenges Issues Perceived as human “cock fighting” The sight of blood makes people uneasy Protecting the safety of fighters 31 rules have been instituted, yet the perception of the sport is unchanged Not sanctioned in major cities State athletic commissions hesitate to approve “human cockfight” Traditional media coverage Journalist aren’t willing and informed enough to report on the sport

  6. PC Comments: Some good ideas here. But I don't feel I've been given any insight before this. I'm not sure against what I should be judging these as solution – why will they work? Changing Perceptions 1. Humanize the Sport • Build a relationship with TV viewers -- Create shows to compliment reality TV • HBO’s REAL SPORTS • CBS’s “60 Minutes” • MTV’s “Final Fu” • Start a conversation with fans on the web • Build a MySpace homepage for the most personable fighters 2. Educate Newspaper Beat Writers • Obtain regular write-ups in national/regional newspaper publications Example: • Andrew Levin of the Washington Post regularly covers MMA events 3. Hire Lobbyist • Endorse the safety of the sport to law makers • Minimize barriers for approval from state athletic commissioners • Target special interest groups in the 5 largest US and UK cities

  7. MMAF Integrating a Fragmented Sport PC Comments: This makes a lot of sense. But doesn't feel like the big idea that's going to transform perceptions within the population at large. The Mixed Martial Arts Federation A Unified League 1. Ensures rules are consistent from city to province 2. Regulating the rules will accelerate sanctioning in major markets in the US and UK 3. Leagues makes regional TV deals possible 4. Leagues with extended reach are attractive to sponsors

  8. PC Comments: Slide is unclear. While there is a thought here about seasonal opportunity - you seem to be suggesting not having a profile for 7 months of the year. MMAF MMAF Integrating a Fragmented Sport Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug American Sports Baseball Basketball US Football Hockey British Sports Football Cricket Rugby Create A Season • A seasonal sport during the summer months eliminates major media outlets from having to create costly programming • Having fixed time slots attract advertisers trying to reach MMA’s hard to reach 18-34 yr olds audience Legend Start of Season End of Season

  9. National Integration PC Comments: Again this is quite and interesting idea. But why will this help us reach our objective? Endorse “Friendly” Matches • Creates cause for media coverage • Develop regional cable programming • Introduces the sports starts to a broader audience • Creates opportunity to attract corporate sponsors • Gives the sport credibility because it is an “international” event

  10. Sponsorships PC Comments: What is the insight behind these ideas? Why these brands? Creating Mutually Beneficial Partnerships • Obtaining official sponsors is key to serving a growing audience • Partnerships should be formed with brands that naturally fit the lifestyle of the audience Performance Vehicles Energy Brands Sports Brands Sports Performance Drinks Record Labels

  11. PC Comments: There is clearly a lot of thinking in this. And some great ideas that aren’t in the rest of the presentation – ‘retail store’, ‘Olympic sport’. But throughout the whole deck I don’t feel you really demonstrate an understanding of the sport. The Plan Promoting the Sport Year 5 Integration Year 4 • Unite “global” leagues • Develop farm system • Create a retail store • Establish MAAF cable network • Take steps to becoming an Olympic Sport Year 3 Sponsorship • Develop regional partnerships • Develop national partnerships • Build relationships with suppliers, licensees & broadcasters Year 2 Expand • Expand to top 5 markets (US & UK) • Move away from pay-per-view • Target national TV • ESPN, SKY TV • Develop “friendly matches Consistency Year 1 • Unite Leagues • Create a season • Obtain Sponsorship Change Perception • Humanize Sport • Educate Writers • Hire advocates

  12. Thank you For questions please contact: George Crichlow georgecrichlow@yahoo.com 917.572.5398

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