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History of Mixed Martial Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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History of Mixed Martial Arts

History of Mixed Martial Arts

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History of Mixed Martial Arts

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  1. History of Mixed Martial Arts

  2. Origin of Mixed Martial Arts • The first form of mixed martial arts was seen 6000 years ago in ancient China by Han Chinese military generals known as Shuai Jiao. • It incorporated an ancient version of wrestling and Kung-fu that would include grappling techniques. • These techniques derived from the earliest ancient precursors of modern jujitsu and judo with combination of kicking, throwing, punching etc. • Some of these features are still incorporated into the sport and regularly practised at MMA tournaments.

  3. Structure of Mixed Martial Arts • Across the seas, in Ancient Greece, a sport called pankration was strikingly similar to MMA. • This sport was founded on the basis of already established wrestling and boxing traditions and first featured in the Olympics in the 33rd Olympiad. • It could be said that this was the first MMA competition to take place in Europe. • Apart from biting and gouging, all other strikes and holds were allowed.

  4. Variation of Mixed Martial Arts • From there, the 19th century arrived and brought with it another variation of the sport. • This time it was referred to as Savate and began to gain prominence in the combat sports circle. • In 1852, an MMA tournament was held in France between French savateurs and English bare-knuckle boxers. • Since then many such tournaments have been conducted consisting of the French Savateurs and other combat styles.

  5. Popular Places of MMA • The history of the sport can be traced back to contests throughout Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim during the 1900’s. • MMA competitions took place on all the above places as the world about MMA spread. • In Japan these contests were known as Merikan (the term for American) and were fought under a variety of rules. • The history of MMA is rich and diverse and spread across all the continents.

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