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Roku WiFi Media Modules

Roku WiFi Media Modules. WiFi Media Module Block Diagram. 656. Clocks. SDRAM 16MB. RS232. Processor. HEADER. FLASH 4MB. SPI/i2c. I2S/. WiFi . AC97. Ethernet 10/100. Antennas. Module Benefits . Guaranteed reliability Very Easy to integrate

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Roku WiFi Media Modules

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  1. Roku WiFi Media Modules

  2. WiFi Media Module Block Diagram 656 Clocks SDRAM16MB RS232 Processor HEADER FLASH 4MB SPI/i2c I2S/ WiFi AC97 Ethernet10/100 Antennas

  3. Module Benefits • Guaranteed reliability • Very Easy to integrate • No software NRE – Simple Serial Commands • WiFi Certification and Drivers • PlaysForSure certification • Rhapsody Certification • DRM Keys Encoded • FCC B/CE/VCCI Pre-screen

  4. The Technology Inside Application Software Rapid Application Development Library Audio Subsystem Middleware System Software Embedded SoundBridge Hardware

  5. System Software Network StackTCP/IP, UDP/IP, Multicast, DHCP, DNS, AutoIP AudioDriver EthernetDriver Wi-FiDriver IRDriver UARTDriver Serial FlashDriver Real-Time Micro-Kernel Roku Failsafe Dual-Boot Loader

  6. Middleware AESCrypto RSA® Public / Private Key Crypto MD5/SHAHash / Crypto-Secure PRNG PersistentRegistry HTTPClient Self-Test Diagnostics MFG-Test Diagnostics Cmd ShellExecutive HTTPServer TelnetDaemon UTF-8 Engine FontEngine BitmapEngine RAMFilesystem ROM / Embedded Resource Filesystem UPnP Stack - Renderer, Control Point, Embedded Web Server, XML Parser Multicast DNS Rendezvous Stack

  7. Audio Subsystem Media Browsers Media Stream Sources HTTP Stream DAAP (iTunes) Media Browser WMDRM ASF Decrypter Stream Windows Media Connect Media Browser (WMDRM Session) Rhapsody Decrypter Stream Generic UPnP Media Browser SLIMServer Stream Filesystem Media Browser SerialFlash Stream Internet Radio Browser Resource Stream RAM Stream Media Codecs Filesystem Stream WMA & MP3 Codec AAC Codec WAV Codec AIFF Codec LPCM Codec PCM Transform Codec

  8. Audio Subsystem – Playback Example(Handled by the Roku Module For You) AudioPlayer – manages Audio Decode/Output path WMDRM Session • Session Validation • RSA Secure Key Exchange HTTPStream WMDRMDecrypterStream WMACodec PCMTransformCodec (SRC, bit-depth transform if required) VisualizerManager Application Software Audio Device Driver

  9. Task Support • CascadeThread • CascadeMutex • CascadeMessage • CascadeTime • … Rapid Application Development Library Network Communications • CascadeHTTPClient • CascadeHTTPStream • CascadeUPnP • CascadeRendezvous • … Graphics Utility • CascadeBitmap • CascadeDisplay • CascadeFont • CascadePoint • CascadeRect • … • CascadeArray • CascadeFile • CascadeHashTable • CascadeSettings • CascadeString • …

  10. Next Steps • Download data sheet at www.rokulabs.com/oem • Eval board available Sept 2005 • Contact esb-sales@rokulabs.com

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