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Top Five Imaging Supplies PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Five Imaging Supplies

Top Five Imaging Supplies

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Top Five Imaging Supplies

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  1. Top Five Imaging Supplies Presented By

  2. Belts In most of the office devices like printers and copiers a certain type of belt is used for its operations. These belts are responsible for transferring the print impression send from the computer to the printer's or copier's transfer drum. Then from the drum the impression is put on the paper and at last the paper is fed through the fuser in the device to finish the printing process.

  3. Drum Unit The another part of the printer which plays an important role in printing is the drum unit. This drum unit basically brings the toner inside the printer and transfers it to the paper while the printing is being done by the device. When you give a print command to the printer, the drum's roller attracts the toner and then the toner goes to the paper with the help of heat.

  4. Fuser Oil While the printer is executing the process of printing an image on the paper the fuser oil plays its role. Once the toner has been transferred from the drum to the paper, the paper then passes through the fuser unit where there are two heated rollers having silicon rubber coated on them. The preferred release agents from the fusing process are basically WACKER AKF silicone fluids as they prevent transfer of the toner to the rollers.

  5. Ink Rollers The devices like printing calculators, printers, and labeling machines do have these ink rollers. These role of these ink rollers is to provide ink for image printing. There are different types of rollers for different devices like for calculators there are separate type of ink rollers and for labeling machines the rollers are different.

  6. Correction Ribbon As the name suggests here, the correction ribbons are used to make corrections in the text already printed on the paper. Basically, this ribbon leaves white paint on the image character to be corrected. So that a new character can be typed in the same place and a correction can be made. There are correction tapes too, similar to these ribbons.

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