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Business Ethics PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Ethics

Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

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  1. Does your business WALK THE TALK? Business Ethics Helping organizations achieve success through Ethical Leadership and Values-Based Business Practices.

  2. Despite the codes of Ethics, the ethics programs and special departments- Corporations don’t make The ultimate decisions About ETHICS….. …Ethical choices are made by INDIVIDUALS. M. Euel Wade Jr

  3. Today’s Agenda (page 6) • Knowing What’s Right • Doing What’s Right • Managing Competing Rights • Everything Counts • Closing Thoughts

  4. Knowing What’s Right (Pages 7-12) Use these guides … • Laws • Rules & Procedures • Values • Conscience • Promises • Heroes

  5. It’s not enough… We Believe …to just establish ethics or talk ethics You have to DOethics !

  6. Most Admired Top 25 Companies In 2001 FORTUNE M a g a z i n e 1 General Electric 2 Cisco Systems 3 Microsoft 4 Intel 5 Wal-Mart Stores 6 Sony 7 Dell Computer 8 Nokia 9 Home Depot 10 Toyota Motor 11 Southwest Airlines 12 Lucent Technologies 15 Coca-Cola 16 Charles Schwab 17 Johnson & Johnson 18 Citigroup 19 Ford Motor 20 Pfizer 21 Merck 22 Walt Disney 23 American Express 24 United Parcel Service 25 Enron

  7. Communication Respect Enron established good values… but… they just didn’t WALK THE TALK Excellence Integrity

  8. Doing What’s Right 8 Behavioral strategies (Pages 13-22) Check BEFORE you act! Master “The 3 R’s”! Remember that little things…mean a lot! Know what’s uncompromisable! Say NO…with tact! When in doubt, ASK! Check yourself out! “Walk the Talk!”

  9. Doing What’s Right #1Check BEFORE you act!(page 15) Ethical Action Test • Is it legal? • Does it comply with our rules and guidelines? • Is it in sync with our organizational values? • Will I be comfortable and guilt-free if I do it? • Does it match with our stated commitments and guarantees? • Would I do it to my family or friends? • Would I be perfectly okay with someone doing it to me? • Would the most ethical person I know do it?

  10. Doing What’s Right #2Master “The 3 R’s”!(page 15) RESULTS RESPECT RESPONSIBILITY

  11. Common Rationalizations For Not Doing What’s Right “Everyone else does it” “They’ll never miss it” “Nobody will care” “The boss does it” “No one will ever know” “I don’t have time to do it right” “That’s close enough” “Some rules were meant to be broken” “It’s not my job”

  12. Doing What’s Right #3Remember that “little things mean a lot”!(page 17) Examine your own ethical make-up to see where you stand and where you need to improve. Try looking at… (see page 17)

  13. Doing What’s Right #4Know what’s uncompromisable(Page 18) While different organizations provide different guidelines on operating latitude, there are several universal areas where zero tolerance for violations is appropriate: Laws and Regulations Public and Employee Safety Truthfulness of record and statements

  14. Doing What’s Right #5Say NO…with Tact(Page 18) Here’s How! State your objection and concern without indictment. Propose an alternative action that you feel is ethical. Ask for the person’s help and agreement. Seek assistance from a higher authority (if the person doesn’t agree).

  15. Doing What’s Right #6When in doubt, ASK!(page 20) “Forgiveness is easier to get than approval” But on Ethical Issues … “Approval is easier to get than forgiveness”

  16. Doing What’s Right #7Check yourself out! (page 21) Ethics Self-Assessment

  17. Doing What’s Right #8WALK THE TALK (page 22) “Giving what you expect to get from others is called integrity.”

  18. It’s also right to Managing Competing Rights… Ethical Dilemmas (Page 25) Right vs. Right BUT It’s right to Tell the truth Be considerate Create job security Be profitable Be concerned with short-term results Focus on long-term growth and stability Others?

  19. Managing Competing Rights (pages 26-28) • Eliminate the conflict • Decide what’s “more right” • Seek assistance

  20. The most challenging “Right vs. Right” of all… (Page 28) To be a good friend and team player AND To be willing to speak out when someone acts unethically.

  21. Everything Counts (page 29) Universal Ethics Principle: Ethics is displayed in everything you do … and everything you do counts

  22. 50 Ways to WALK THE TALK ( pages 31-50)

  23. Best Practices from Walk the Talk Company Clients

  24. Everything Counts #8 Make Sure The Mission Matters (page 32) “Be about what the business says it is about.”

  25. VALUES Always with Unyielding Integrity

  26. 4 Kinds of Managers Results Values TYPE 1 – Lives values & gets results TYPE 2 – Lives values but sometimes misses commitments TYPE 3 – TYPE 4 – Gets results but doesn’t live values

  27. Removing Type 4 Manager was a watershed for GE… the ultimate test of our ability to WALK THE TALK ” Jack Welch Former CEO & Chairman

  28. THE TOP 10 GE Southwest Wal-Mart Microsoft Berkshire Hathaway Home Depot Johnson & Johnson FedEx Citigroup Intel

  29. Everything Counts #28 Feast On Feedback (page 37) “If you don’t know how you’re doing, it’s hard to know how to do it better.”

  30. “One of the keys to our success is a ‘self-assessing’ culture.” Libby Sartain, Former Vice President of people – Southwest Airlines

  31. Everything Counts #36 Seal Employee Competence with a K.I.S.S. (page 39) • Knowledge • Information • Skills • Support

  32. Fortune Magazine’s 100 BEST Companies To Work For Voted #1… 2 years in a row!

  33. Keys To Success …our willingness to share information with our employees that most companies would consider to be proprietary.

  34. Everything Counts #40Provide “places to go” (page 40) “Make sure there are people within your organization to whom employees can turn to for guidance and help with ethical issues-and for reporting suspected ethics violations.”

  35. What do employees perceive is behind your “open door”?

  36. No one’s there?

  37. Or Worse…

  38. A Career Limiting “BOOGIE MAN”?

  39. 10 Reasons Why Leaders Should Model Ethical Behavior (page 43) • It reduces pressure on employees to compromise ethical standards. • It increases employees willingness to report misconduct. • It improves trust and respect at all levels. • It protects the positive reputation of the organization. • It encourages early detection of problem areas and ethics violations.

  40. 10 Reasons cont. • It fosters a positive work culture and improved customer service. • It provides an incentive and framework for ethical decision making. • It increases pride, professionalism, and productivity. • It enhances your ability to attract and retain high-quality and diverse employees. • It helps ensure the long-term viability of the enterprise. • Bonus Reason, • 11. It’s purely and simply the right thing to do!

  41. Build Ethics & Integrity! • Since 1977, The WALK THE TALK® Company has helped organizations, worldwide, achieve success through Ethical Leadership and Values-Based Business Practices. And we’re ready to do the same … for YOU! • We offer … • Keynote and Conference Presentations • Leadership Retreats • Customized Training and Trainer Certification • Consulting Services • “How To” Handbooks • and much more! Contact The WALK THE TALK Professional Services team at 1.888.822.9255 Or visit us at