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Business Ethics PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Ethics

Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

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  1. Business Ethics M1 Assess How A Selected Business [Ben and Jerry’s] Could Improve the ethics of their operations.

  2. Exam Board Guidance • M1 links to P1 and P2, enabling learners to consider how the selected business could improve its operational activities to be more ethical and identify the important factors that would have a positive impact on operations.

  3. What!! • You have to say: • Give real examples of how Ben and Jerry’s currently operates ethically. • Then HOW it could IMPROVE to be more ethical in what it does. • What the impact (results) would be of making these improvements. • Upon Ben and Jerry’s • Ben and Jerry’s stakeholders.

  4. Ethical Activities • Ben & Jerry’s have a broad agenda that focuses on making positive contributions to the community. • Describe and explain at least 4 of these. • Use the following links to help you. • • • • • Now come up with ideas on how Ben and Jerry’s can improve upon these activities. • E.g. Give examples of actions it could promote in the community by offering finance and its employees’ time. • Now explain what the positive impact of these improvements would be.

  5. Business Values • Read through Ben and Jerry’s Mission statement. • Write about the Mission Statement and what positive values it communicates. • Within your writing explain whether you think the statement reflects what the public is actually wanting from a modern day business. • Now come up with some suggests of how the mission statement could be improve so that Ben and Jerry’s is seen to be more ethical and up to date. • Now explain what the positive impact of these improvements would be.

  6. Professional/ Individual Ethics Does the Code of Conduct set ethical standards of behaviour for staff? • Is it clear how staff should behave who work for Ben & Jerry’s - When was the Code last updated? • Look at the website details and see when they were last updated How can it be improved? • e.g. Is it too long and complicated so the meaning is lost?

  7. Corporate Governance • Read about each of the directors and what they stand for. • Write about whether the Board of Directors are managing the business well from an ethical standpoint. • Look at them both individually and as a whole. • Now come up with ways in which corporate governance at Ben and Jerry’s could be improved? • I.e. • How directors decide to be socially responsible. • measures they could put in place to be ethical • having important people with clear knowledge and commitment to the ethical issues be offered seats on the Board • e.g. environmentalists and human rights campaigners? • Now explain what the positive impact of these improvements would be.